Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fragments - Hats, Lies and Packing Tape

Mommy's Idea
You can always tell when me or my hubs are having a bad hair day. We wear hats.

Hubby came back from a recent trip to Prague with one of these:

I sent him on a milk run this morning (because we ran out of milk - this week he's off at home with the kids on spring break, living a bit of the dream that I lived for 5 years but forgetting the grocery shopping part...). I dared him and he did it - yes, he wore the hat!

A couple of people looked at him, made quick eye contact, and then looked away very quickly. He wouldn't let me take a photo of him, darn.


I'm trying to get the house in order before I head out for another work trip this weekend. So in the past few days I've been ordering people (ie. my husband) around like a drill sergeant. My son has been asking for a room without a train border since the beginning of the school year. We'd promised we'd get to it done over Christmas; then over spring break- which is NOW. I don't want the poor kid to wait until he goes off to university. So I've been taking things apart, packing things up and barking orders like it's the end of the world. Or at least moving the world. (In actual fact, moving the boy into the existing guest/junk room, and the guest room furniture into his ...).

From IKEA land, we ordered the MALM bed and dresser for his big boy room ... along with the most comfortable mattress ever. It was delivered last night, and by all counts, he will never have to buy another bed again. He couldn't even wait for the bed to be up - he just slept on the mattress.

While I was at the office today, the man called me to say that none of the hardware had come with the furniture and he'd have to go back to IKEA. I asked him to doublecheck, because those items get hidden sometimes in all the packaging. He said he already had, triple-checked through all of the boxes, but I told him I'd look when I got home.

So I got home and went to the first box - and found the hardware in half a second.

Let's say it together... MAN SEARCH.

The bed goes up hopefully tonight.


As an icebreaker at the meeting next week, we'll be playing the truth/false statement game. Not my idea this time, because I've got to think about some more.

Let's see how well you know me - two of these are false, two are true (I know at least one reader who will see a lie):

1. I won first prize for a piece I wrote for a Young Creative Writers contest in 6th grade.

2. I have an obsession with hats which started in high school. I now have 278 in my collection (that's a lotta bad hair days).

3. One of the best sushi meals I ever had was prepared for me by Olivia Chow and served to me by Jack Layton.

4. I passed out at an Iggy Pop concert.

Happy weekend friends!


Anonymous said...

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Tara R. said...

That is a very cool hat.

Congrats to your son on his new room. What is it with Man Searches and asking directions? Good luck getting the bed put together.

Dina said...

oh that hat dare...too funny!! your man is a champ for going for it!
As for the hardware search...well reminds me of when we received our dining room set from the brick- i thought it was weird they didn't provide the shelf and plugs for the hutch-the guys who delivered it had no clue- well when we just moved- 6 years later- I found the shelf and plugs- in a box attached to the top of the hutch!!

Anonymous said...

Okay Karen, I want to hear about the Iggy concert!

Kori said...

Hm, I couldn't even venture a guess on the truth/lies one, actually. LOVE the hat, and it cracks me up that he wore it!

Danifred said...

I can't believe you didn't get a picture of your husband in the hat! DARN!

I'm going with the Young Creative Writers as the lie... mostly because I'm hoping to hear a great story about #3 and #4!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with you husband for acccepting the hat dare! And then I laughed at him for not being able to find the hardware for the bed.

Carolee said...

I'm not good at guessing games, but I bet you have a hat collection...

MAYBE you passed out at a concert (I almost did at a Boston concert back in the day!)


Visiting from FF's at Mrs. 444's

Mrs4444 said...

That's a lot of hats. Is that your lie? We like to play "Two truths and a lie."

We just had a family discussion inspired by the mansearch fragment. I totally agree with you, but Mr.4444, Kyle, AND Kendall think I'm just as forgetful about stuff as Mr.4444. He thinks it's equal, but men just get a bad rap. We're going to informally keep track from now on...

Anonymous said...

Amiable post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Stopped over from FNL.


We say it together!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

That is a great hat! And the man search, Ha! So true.

I am going to give it a go, hey, I have a 50-50 chance right?

1. false (too obvious - I bet it was in grade 7 not 6)
2. true (I love your hats!)
3. true (it's too crazy not to be true)
4. false

J at said...

I would say that women can be just as forgetful, but that in my house, if you want something found, ask me. My daughter seems to be learning the man search skills. I hope she grows into being a mom-searcher someday.

Tooj said...

Men and boys have no idea how to find anything. I honestly tried NOT to be the "let me get it for them" type of mother...but I have to wonder if I failed? They SUCK at finding anything. :)

I've been MIA around these parts, but I'm excited to get to say hi again. So hi.

Heidi said...

I'm guessing you passed out at the Iggy concert and you have a lot of hats!


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