Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday Fragments - What I am is what I am

and what I am is a SOCCER MOM!!!!

(And I thought I was flashy... I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Those are pretty sick, aren't they? And well deserved, after all he's now officially in the rep league. He's gotta glow.)

The soccer DAD is over the moon. We're waving goodbye to our weekends and anticipate some touring, but this is exciting for us. Something new, right?

The biggest thing about this? The boy wanted it. He worked for it.

And he made it.

My baby is no longer a baby.


Does this song not make you just wanna break out and DANCE?

At the wedding a couple of weeks ago, I was so ready to hit the dance floor and party. After all, I wasn't driving and the DJ was fantastic! But alas, it's difficult to get into the party mood when you've got a tired 5 year old and 10 year old wanting to get back to the hotel, wedding'd out after 5 hours.

I need to find a dance floor.

In useless celebrity information, is anyone else shocked that Nancy Wilson and Cameron Crowe are getting a divorce? I'm still gobsmacked because I didn't even KNOW they were MARRIED!!!! For over 20 years, no less!

I loved Heart when I was a kid (a baby, really - and honestly still do) and although I was mesmerized by Dreamboat Annie's unbelievable rock voice, I was in awe of Nancy's high kicks while she whipped her guitar around. The blonde Wilson sister - can she ever play guitar. (So many links, I know - remember, I still love them....)

Married to Cameron "Say Anything-Almost Famous" Crowe. And now divorcing. So sad.

I used to be on top of these things. My family would call me Ms. Entertainment Tonight. As a teen I could list any trivial celebrity gossip- who was married to whom, who was starring in which movie, who was dating the sister-in-law twice removed from the director.... that sorta thing. I could have out Perezed Perez.

I guess I've just lost my touch.


Speaking of talented young women, for those of you who caught Glee this week, were you not amazed at the triple threat that is Heather Morris? She out-Britneyed Britney, as far as I'm concerned. I've honestly never been a great fan of Britney. After Tuesday's episode, I've got to admit the songs are pretty catchy, if a bit overtly sexual.

And yowza on the guest appearance of John Stamos. I wasn't a big fan of Uncle Jesse either.

But now I'm beyond a total Gleek.


Two weeks from now I will hit a semi-milestone birthday. Smack dab between 40 and 50. I don't know why, but for some reason this is hitting me more than turning 40 was. Perhaps it has something to do with the advancing grey hairs and sore knees after my workouts.

Oh to be young again. I'll just have to remember to take my Tylenol with me to the gym tomorrow.

Peace out.


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Martha Ruth said...

Hey Karen,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm liking this Blog Hop. I have to admit it had me nervous. I have no idea why, either. You'd think by my age I'd be totally fearless. Not always so...

Also, love your post about the Wilson sisters. I fancied myself to be Anne at one time. I'd say around 77/78? I had no idea that Nancy was married to Cameron Crowe either, but it makes sense. He wrote for Rolling Stone back then, so I'm sure they crossed each other's paths once or twice. Pretty sad... Over 20 years too!

So, 45 is bothering you a little, eh? That wasn't the one that got me. This one was. I turned 49 just about 2 weeks ago, and I'm thinking that I'll actually handle 50 better than this. Doesn't help that people keep brining up the fact that it's my last birthday in my 40's. Yeah, thanks. I hadn't realized. lol

Oh well, didn't mean to write a novel. Just wanted to say thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. Stop by anytime.


Cid said...

Wow, I think you were in my mind this past week. My 10 year old wanted to watch Glee with me, luckily I watched it first, don't think I am quite ready for him to see Britney/Brittany yet. And as far as being a soccer mom, at least you are outside, not stuck in a cold arena drinking bad coffee, such is the life of a hockey mom. Let me know how 45 goes, I'll be there in a few months and I agree it's scarier than 40.

Jen said...

love this song!! I need a dance floor badly!

Terry said...

You reminded me that I haven't been dancing in ages.

I am following (a day late) from Friday Follow Over 40. I would appreciate it if you could stop by my blog and follow me back.

I am giving a Halloween Apron away to one of my followers 10/5.

Tooje said...

I need to find a dance floor too. And probably a bottle of wine. It's been well over a year, maybe more, since I've done either. Babies, pregnancy, and babies will do that to a gal. I need something to bring back the "insane" part of mommy. Wait, I mean "sane". I keep forgetting which part is which.

J at said...

I'm right behind you miss, I'll be 45 in a few months. I also didn't know that Wilson and Crowe were ever married. Weird.

Oddly enough, the year that hit me the hardest as numbers go, was 20. That's when I felt that my childhood was over and it was time to get serious. Odd, since I had been helping pay rent for a few years already.

That, and 43, which was my first year without my mom here. She who had been with me for every moment from my conception. THAT was a hard birthday. I don't know if another will hit me as hard. I'll let you know.

Hang in there. 45 is the new 30.

Nanny Anna said...

Hello, I am a new follower from the Follow Friday 40 and Over. A bit of a late entry since it is now Sunday... but here none the less.

Look forward to getting to know you through your blog posts.


designHER Momma said...

I was that soccer girl, the one who's parents followed her all around the midwest, to watch her play left midfield. Congrats to him, it's such an accomplishment. And the shoes are awesome!

Kat said...

Fun post!

Yay for the boy! I think you'll like being a soccer mom. :)

I am always in the mood to dance, but I can't remember the last time I actually got to do it.

I used to love Glee but now I'm kind of over it. Although I might tune in for John Stamos. He is actually super talented.

Forty five is still super young. And you look like you are 25, so there!!! :)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Congrats to your future soccer star!

I missed Glee last week. I don't usually watch Glee, but I wanted to see John Stamos and had told myself to make sure and see it. Grrrr...

Hope you had a good weekend!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

I find it so hard to believe you are 45...seriously, you look younger than me! Work it girl!

Congrats to your boy, that is awesome!

Kristin said...

No way. I had no idea they were married and I love Heart! Congrats to your kiddo!

Gina said...

Congratulations to the soccer boy! I bet he really does glow. I'm a swim mom now and for the first time watching one of my kids shine at a sport. After 20+ years of raising kids I finally understand why parents get so excited to see their children compete.

Sad about Nancy Wilson and Cameron Crowe. Usually the low-key celebrity marriages are the ones that survive.

Don't worry about 45. It's not so bad.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to soccer mom hell! And those cleats are awesome!

There is no way I will believe that you are 45. You look incredible!

Mrs4444 said...

I agree--Heather Morris ROCKED it! And who knew she had such a hot body? That was a great episode.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Soccer Mom! :)


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