Saturday, October 26, 2013

What a year it's been so far. As we move distinctly into fall, a new season, a new outlook, a new life, really.

The kids went to overnight camp (and had an absolutely AWESOME time by the way...). The week after my previous post, on pickup day the little Diva headed straight to our dog Cody ... "Oh Cody, I MISSED YOU!!!" with nary a look at her Mom or Dad. Oh the drama! The boy got the phone numbers of 6 girls during his beach volleyball elective. They want to go for 2 weeks next year. A good thing, a great thing, actually.

We celebrated our 20th anniversary this year, me and the Man. Well, the celebration continues throughout the year, much to the dismay of our slower metabolizing bodies. Started with a great trip to Cabo San Lucas, sans kids while they were in school; yes we over indulged on the food, wine and fun times. Even did some dune buggy trails. But mostly margharitas, tequilas, wine, amazing dinners ...

 Celebration continued in Niagara on the Lake while the kids were at camp. We had an awesome time, and the bonus is that after all these years, we kinda more than just like each other. A lot.

 So we have here this little blog - that no one really reads anymore but me. My intent was to journal my life with kids, chronicling as many of the precious moments that I could - and looking back at the early years I am astounded at the cherished memories I have captured. The blog community that I developed was amazing, especially during the time of my Dad's illness and then his passing. What an outlet and what a sense of community and sharing I found online.

 And then the encouragement to think about stepping back into the 'corporate' world. My blog pals gave me the strength to know that I wouldn't necessarily have to start from scratch again - that I could offer more value than taking a part time gig folding sweaters at Banana Republic just for the clothing discounts (not that there's anything wrong with that, actually still a perfectly awesome idea...).

So I got back into work outside of home life. And the trajectory in the last 4 years has been unbelievable- to be honest it's been getting in the way of my original goal here. My original goal is realistically just not achievable in my life as I now know it. I still love the wine overly much; I still love to write. And my kids, my terrific kids - they are getting older, these are their stories now, and life getting busier (yes, we have a Chinese Shih Tzu dog, Cody, now, who likes to pretend to attack elderly Chinese couples out on their evening strolls ...despite my best efforts to contain him "Cody, be nice to your people!!!"...) I can't do it any more.

The blogging world has changed; as have I. I've decided to make this a private space now - to share with some of my blog friends, and real friends, who are still interested. And if not, that's ok too.


Simon said...


So does this mean people can only access it with a password?

J at said...

Boy, blogging sure has changed since we blogged every day and everyone checked every day, etc etc. I miss those days sometimes. But I sometimes feel like I've said what I'm going to say about most things, so I'm not sure what I have to add to the blogging world anymore.

I'm glad you captured those many wonderful memories of the kids when they were little. It's more difficult when they're older, for sure.

I have gotten so much support out of the blogging community over the years, esp when my mom was sick and when she died. Horrid.

I understand your decision to want to be private, and keep the blog to yourself. I'm still interested, though life has changed and I don't pop by as often as I used to...

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

I hear you! I am not so much into it either and my loyal fans (HA!) have dwindled to a few close friends and I am okay with that.

Good luck with your new private space.

Todd Tarpley said...

Good luck, Karen!


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