Sunday, November 29, 2015

And the celebrations continue...

My sister is took me for a spa treatment tonight - hammam and gammage at the spa at the Shangri-la hotel.

Steam and exfoliation followed by 30 minute massage.  I wasn't sure of my ability to stay in the steam that long but with the eucalyptus and whatever the heck else scents infused into the room it was more than doable.

As I lay on the marble slabs for gammage, the esthetician asked "when was the last time you exfoliated" and my response ... "Never".  I suspected I was in for a treat.

Sort of funny but then she made the special effort to show us the results of all the scrubbing.  Ewwwww-but the resulting baby soft skin-sorta nice.

Total decadence. Something that I could definitely get used to.

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