Sunday, November 08, 2015

Blog renaissance

What's goin' on?

When I decided to sign up for NaBloPoMo this month, I thought it would be an interesting challenge to see if I could keep up.  Of course, probably the worst time to do it personally as our nanny ( who has been key to my survival the last 4 years of the past 6 since I went back to work full time) found another part time position and will only work a couple days a week for us from now on.  WHAT???!!!

I panicked ( of course as I was given notice while I was in Europe on business) ... But I think I'm good.  Quite frankly I'd been thinking about transition anyway now that the kids are older. After all I don't want them to be useless human beings who are  being picked up after consistently ...more on my transition later, when I do a round-up of my life in the last few years.

So back to blogging- so many are kicking it old school again! I would love to get more comments, more than I ever get on facebook microblogging;  I don't know what it is, whether people are searching again for more depth of interaction that you only get through comments and more narrative than possible on facebook or twitter.

Whatever the reason, I've been having a good time checking up on old blogging friends, some are still out there writing pretty consistently-and life continues to happen.  If you happen to stumble on this here space after my long absence --hello again and welcome back.

And if you're new here-welcome and please excuse the mess.  It will take a while to clear the cobwebs and grease the engine again.

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