Monday, November 09, 2015


There's nothing quite like a movie that makes you laugh and cry, provides inspiration and is predominantly a happy experience.

Twinsters, the documentary filmed and produced by Samantha Futerman, a Korean born actress adopted by American parents as a baby, about her experience finding out that she has a twin sister Anais Bordier, adopted around the same age but to a couple in France. They discovered each other through Youtube and Facebook.  The film covered how they met, bonded instantly, and made a discovery trip together to Korea, tracing their brief lives as babies in foster care, before being adopted outside of their land of birth.

Adorable but bittersweet at times ( the girls' birth mother is resistant to acknowledging and meeting them -no judging, it's the way it is) it was a nice way to spend a weekday evening within being a slave to my work computer.

Check it out on iTunes or Netflix.

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