Monday, November 23, 2015

Teenage mall angst and a semi

High school semi approaches; not surprisingly a new outfit is needed, and also not surprisingly,  my nearly 16 year old son has particular tastes.  Good taste, but particular -and who is to blame but yours truly.

Remember the days of yore of this very blog--those Fashion Friday posts, contemplating several outfits for certain occasions.  Remember how I would ask my readers, friends , what outfit they preferred? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

Thank goodness for Zara, and for the variety of options at affordable prices, for totally on trend looks.  The boy went from a full suit ( blue!) and white shirt, red hee-ing and hawing about how a suit might not be needed, maybe he should just wear black jeans and a blue shirt--oh wait, let's see if the guys (his best buddies) will let me break with the agreed upon team outfit... And by the way, new shoes are needed, then while we're at it, the ear buds need replacing...i was exhausted following all lanky 6 feet of him around.   I know that these items won't fit in 3 months.

 The mall air and atmosphere didn't help, Starbucks revived me somewhat in time for the drive home.  So this is what my husband used to feel like as he trailed me during mall expeditions.

But we've narrowed it down and should be set for Thursday.  They are going as a group-no dates. Although girls are definitely in the picture -not girlfriends, but girls are definitely interested.  It's the age after all. 

I look back at the grade parties we had in high school.  There was no way I would have thought to go to the semi formal in grade 10-that was for seniors.   Certainly not at a reception hall. My boy is not such a geek though. His number one strength from the Strengthfinders analysis is "social".  That was not me at 15.  At all.

So I wish him a lot of fun on Thursday.  I'm sure he's gonna get his dance on -his whip and nae nae ( which for all my bodyjam addiction I can never remember the moves...). And because I am nosy, I won't mind dropping the kids off. 

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