Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This Life

I don't know what it is lately but whoa I am managing to catch a lot of screen time, little screen, big screen ... So my latest discovery is rather ironic.  The irony? I'm sitting as a couch potato watching a show about living life.

I got home after my combat workout and took advantage of the fact that the girlie was in the family room and willing to share some time with me -not with minecraft, not with her friend on Skype but with her mom.  We settled on watching good old government sponsored CBC Canadian content  and stumbled upon This Life, a drama-dy/comic drama, slightly reminiscent of Parenthood but with a little more edge/grit/reality-or maybe it's just the Canadian production values.  Set inMontreal, Canada, the plot focuses on a 45 year old single mother of three teens, who has been diagnosed with end stage cancer, and how she and her family deal with it.  Heavy stuff, hard to call uplifting -however I found the episode so compelling, and am now compelled to watch all previous 6 episodes ( the full series is 10 parts).  The acting is so superb, the themes universal, and the way they deal with things as family-so real.

Teens, school, infidelity, alcoholism, abortion, infertility, relationships (3somes!) siblings, life issues that surround the main theme of death and living your life to the fullest or at least to the 'real'est.  Yup watched with the G and makes for lots of Q&A throughout the program.  But why not, she is almost 11, and questions are good.  Better to talk it out while she wants to-not a guarantee that will happen at 12.

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