Thursday, November 12, 2015

What are you watching?

Since I first started this blog oh so many years ago, options for viewing videos, programming , TV series etc... Have exploded.  Pay for view, on demand, PVRing-it's all old school now.  And the screens are shrinking.  Screens are everywhere, for everything, and what does 'in moderation ' even mean anymore?

I guess a benefit is that rather than investing in more televisions ( I confess, we still bought a massive 73 inch  man-cave version for our renovated basement this year-but hey,  we can still watch Apple TV or. Netflix or youtube... Ok you get it)... We each have an ipad or iphone now, so my husband and I have got our TV back.  

And we are kicking it major old school by watching networked TV and documentary shows.  First of all, have you caught "The grinder" yet, with Rob Lowe, Fred Savage, William Devane ? Yes those names are total blasts from the past -call us old though, hubs and I are all over it! It's ridiculous but in the funniest way.  Rob Lowe is killing it, and it's a bonus that he still looks amazing ( better than he did as a pretty boy truth be told).  And Fred has grown up from the sympathetic kid (i always wanted to pinch those sweet cheeks of Kevin on the Wonder years and tell him all would be fine) the neurotic Everyman who has spent his whole life under the shadow of a larger and gorgeous-er-than life big brother. It's been a long time since I guffawed ( yup guffawed) over network television.

Our other major addiction this season is This is Life with Lisa Ling. What a talented journalist she is, in my humble opinion, as she presents a balanced, observant non-judgey look at various aspects of life that a suburbanite like me would never be exposed to.

Don't get me wrong, Netflix is still the place to be to binge ( House of cards season 3, kimmy Schmidt, Frankie and Grace, Sherlock, and I really need to catch up on Downton Abby before it's really gone...). It is nice to enjoy a 30 minute sitcom again for a change. 

The grinder


Simon said...

Last night we tried Frankie and Grace for the first time. Stopped after 20mins as my wife didn't like it, although I may go back to it.
Our main recent discovery was an Irish gangster drama called Love/Hate. Thick Dublin accents (seriously, you'll need subtitles)and lots of violence, but fun and great characters.

Cid said...

Love The Grinder, both Rob Lowe & Fred Savage are perfect. Makes me guffaw too.

J at said...

Frankie and Grace took a little getting used to, but I liked it. My husband didn't mind it, but didn't mind that I watched it without him.

I haven't tried Grinder yet. Thanks for the tip. :)


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