Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: I am so not worthy edition

This is the place the awards come to rest...until I snap out of my tardiness, bring out the shine and get rid of the tarnish to restore the sparkle and pass them along to blogs likely more deserving than little ole me ... /mine?

So that is what today is about. I introduce you to thirteen blogs which you should visit when you get the chance. Some you likely already know about; others perhaps not.

This first award I received more than a little while ago from my pal Kami. And it is such a sweet award, I feel selfish for hanging on to it so long without passing along the love.

I bestow this first baby onto the following blogs:

1) Karen at Rocking Pony: Because she's got a great name. But beyond that, I love reading about her life with her lovely children. She's got it together, this lady.

2) My buddy C at Random Thoughts and Musings from the Island (Manitoulin): This woman is sweet beyond words. And reading her blog, about her life on the farm, her teaching, her cooking and now her little baby on the way (soooo excited)... you just gotta love her. She was one of my first blog friends, and I've actually met her IRL as well.

3) Laskigal at From the Cheap Seats: She's a teacher, a writer, a first time mommy to a beautiful little guy. And she's wicked funny. Finally, she's a fan of SYTYCD and 80's music, in a really bad way... enough said.

4) Siobhan at ABritDifferent: I've been reading her blog, but not nearly enough, since late last year. I'm totally in love with her voice, I will not deny it. Her lovely Scottish lilt, as demonstrated every Wednesday. Her most recent posts, however, have been so brave and honest, I have fallen even more in love...

Next award, the above mentioned C just awarded to me a matter of days ago and yay, I'm posting about it now.

These blogs make me smile...

5/ Kami's Khlopchyk, yes I need to pass something back to Kami because sometimes it seems as if I'm listening to myself speak when I'm reading her posts. Separated at birth by a decade and completely different backgrounds (or perhaps Polish/Ukranians were genetically linked to the Chinese at some point LOL?). She always brings a smile to my face.

6/ Debbie's Etc. Etc. Etc. Okay, this lady, who's been in Japan for 17 years, is hilarious. And she's a teacher, so she's in a position to influence minds. Reading her blog is so refreshing, a glimpse of the fascinating every day life of an American living and raising her family (cute boys too) in Japan. While drinking beer, hula dancing and sharing her love of flamingos and all things Matthew McConaughey... well, you just have to visit.

7/ Maureen at I'd Rather Be Blogging : I love reading Maureen's take on everyday things - she has such a wonderful way of telling a story, always humorous, always witty. She's just terrific.

8/ Heidi at Green Mountain Country Mama : another Alt 80's music lover, she lives in such a beautiful spot with her family, with gorgeous gardens. And I particularly love her posts that include photo-riddles. She's a smartypants too.

9/ Sleepnita at Drowning in Laundry: Sometimes I'm laughing before I even finish the first sentence in a post. She is that engaging. And she works in a sleep lab. Get it? You need to check it out.

And the final award, passed onto me a few days ago by Debbie, yes that hilarious Debbie above, is this brilliant badge:

There are rules for this one, and I'm supposed to pass it along to 7 other bloggers. But I follow the rules IRL, so I'll be a rebel and just finish off my 13 here. Cuz it's my blog and I'll do it if I want to....

10/ Kim at Jogging in Circles. Gorgeous and sweet, I'm hooked on her blog and her hilarious musings, posts about her sweet little boys and wonderful photography. And did I mention that she's gorgeous? But so nice, I won't hold that against her.

11/ Mishelle at Secret Agent Mama. You probably know her blog, or have seen her indescribably beautiful photos. If not, go there, fast. You will not believe it until you see it. How she has time, I do not know. But I'm so glad she does.

12/ Miss at RuraandMiss: Miss and I "met" plurking our sorrows together about our non-attendance at the blogger fest in San Fran. She writes from her soul, very powerful words indeed. She recently started a new Photoblog which features contributions from some awesome bloggers... and me. Just One Look. Go sneak a peek.

13/ April at It's all about Balance. A gutsy lady, a single working mom, an amazing role-model to her little girls. I am in awe.

Now I know I said 13, but I'm adding my final blog of honour to make it 14.

I've been baking banana bread like there's no tomorrow (3 loaves in a week, people. I do NOT bake).

Therefore I feel it's my prerogative to make my Baker's 13 an even 14.

14/ Maria at Immoral Matriarch. I knew she was gonna be big, and she's getting there fast. She so deserves this because (a) she's an incredible writer and social networking fiend/friend (b) a radical blogger who's not afraid to write from the heart ...and she'd have my back in a mommy-fight-club and (c) she's a Blogher celebrity, who took me with her on a stick.

Happy Thirteen!

PS: So you may have noticed that I changed the look and did NOT kill my blog ... major cause for celebration!!! Thanks for the comments! I found this on a great site The Cutest Blog on the Block which the lovely C recommended. Awesome backgrounds and the bonus is that many are free!


Miss said...

You aren't worthy?? I am so not worthy.

Thank you so much!!!

MarĂ­a said...

I LOVE this template. It looks amazing!

And aww shucks. Thanks. :)

Martin said...

I'm going to stalk Siobhan this weekend...

April said...

Wow - thank you!!! And congrats to you!!
The new look does rock.

Kat said...

You are soooo worthy! Congrats on all the awards! :)

Franny said...

I LOVE the new look! And I'm definitely checking out your 13. Thanks for sharing

J said...

Very cool! I'm going to go check out some of these blogs. :)

Karen said...

Awww, I'm blushing. Thanks so much for the wonderful award! But I *so* do not have it together.

Well, maybe I did at one time. But I forget where I put it all.

Laski said...

AWE . . . *blushing*

Thank you a zillion times over!!!


Heidi said...

Wow! Thanks soo much, you have made my night... week...month...
Congrat's on all of your awards too.
And thanks to this post, I finally received a google alert that was actually about me!
Oh and I love the new template, especially the color, very peaceful.

louann said...

Yey!! New blogs to check out!

ALF said...

Found your blog from Karen over at Rocking Pony - just wanted to say hi!

KJ said...

Woah. These blogs sound great. Damn. Even more great blogs to frequent!

And YES, you were my inspiration for the snazzy new look. They have so many pretty ones. I'm working on something permanent and completely my own, but till then...

Sigh. One day I might be unworthy enough to be mentioned in one of these.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sweet lass, you are so kind to say what you did. I love the new look and I'm grateful you didn't ditch the blog! Thanks for the award.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Oh it's so pretty over here! Looks great, good job Karen :-)

And that you so much for the award! And yes, we were totally related at some point. Or maybe it's just that we're all crazy? Hee hee, I feel the same way about you and still find it hard to believe there is a decade between us. That must mean I am really mature! HA! Nope, that's not it.

Congrats on all the awards, you deserve them!

Anonymous said...

Kissing your feet for the shout out! It is nice to be noticed after my lack-lustre attendance on my own blog

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE what you did with your blog! The new template is tres chic! LOVE IT!

Mmmmkay...You totally made me cry when I read this post. (Embarrassing, but I really did cry!) I blame it on those darn pregnant woman hormones! LOL! I cry at the drop of a hat these days!!

I big puffy heart you too...AND I'm so glad we got to meet up IRL! Looking forward to my next visit to TO to visit you, Dina, Danielle and Fancy! I still find it so funny how you know my IRL friends IRL too! That is too cool. Oh, and how funny is it that you know my aunt too! Small world!


dkuroiwa said... here I sit at my computer (fan pointed directly at me since it's freakin' hot over here at 9:30 in the morning!) and I am smiling my ever lovin' butt off!! Thank you so much!! Gosh..>I just gave you the nice gave me one back AND some really sweet words (she said, scraping her toe in the dirt in front of her, shyly!)...if you come by my house later, I might make a cake!! :-D
Oh...and thanks so I have 10 more blogs to go and check out...(2 you listed I've already been lurking on!!)...I guess I can kiss cleaning my house good-bye for the rest of the day, can't I!?
Have a wonderful weekend!!
Oh...lurve the new look!!!

Momisodes said...

I love the new look!

Congrats on all of the bling and what a fabulous group you've listed here :) You all are so worthy!

Anonymous said...

Dang Meg, I had no idea you TTed! :)

Sorry for missing you! This is an awesome idea - and great way to celebrate the people in your life. I like it!

Anonymous said...

congrats to you on all the awards...and congrats to all the recipients that you passed them on to!!!
i'm so glad you've started coming round again!! thank goodness for plurk!!

Geriatric Nursing said...

What a great list. I had not seen those awards before. I will check out some of the links.

Anonymous said...

Some awesome blogs there! And the template is too cute, I really need to update mine. But a little scared!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww! Karen!! Thank you!!

You are so worthy, girl.. Sooo worthy!

P.S. I don't know how I have time, either. LOL

Don Mills Diva said...

You are SO worthy!

Congrats and I love the header pic!

Caffeine Court said...

I love the new look!! Isn't it scary when you mess with your template!!?

Thank goodness you didn't lose anything!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for the award!!!! and for the WAY to kind compliments..

you are the best..and congrats on all your awards!!!


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