Saturday, March 18, 2006

Art for the suburbanites

We actually BOUGHT some original artwork today at Art Interiors. A couple of contemplative oils titled "Forward Motion" . Managed to do this amidst L's whining about being tired, and G being her cute little self - at least she's not quite walking yet so couldn't toddle around and destroy the art.

Lisa looks the same - can't believe she's got the 2 little ones now herself. Younger son is around G's age - G's 1 week older.

Very excited about the pieces. L was most excited about the huge bubblewrap, which he promptly began to crackle as soon as we got home.

Darn problems with the modem. It's apparently the line. Hope it clears up so I can be more regular with the blog.

Have been hooked on the net joining all sorts of moms groups. Should be interesting once I start meeting some of them. Can't say I've felt this old in years ... most mom's are in 20's and early 30's. Better get cracking on the hair colouring. Wish me luck!

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