Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hair coloring - not as easy as mascara

As I pull up my head from the sink and notice that my entire skull including face is red, the thought finally occurs to me that this is why you spend a couple hundred bucks at the salon to let someone else do it for you. I finally decided to get rid of the grey creeping onto my temples. I've been in major denial about hitting 40, what with buying a dozen pairs of jeans that all hit below the belly button (so what if the skin flap overflows a little - you can't be totally unscathed after 2 kids). Bought for pure comfort factor, but notice that most of my tops are now 'crop" - not because I was such a hussy before but just that the waistline on my pants are going lower. I knew I had a long torso but this is ridiculous.

So back to the hair. The allover colour was fairly straightforward - only I proceeded to wreck the arms of my glasses during the process. Should have foiled the suckers! Alas, also got the stuff on the walls, and good thing I was wearing one of Ian's old company shirts. It took a licking as well.

The highlights were another story. Looked like icing, smelled like ammonia, difficult to decide what was a more dramatic (skunky rather than skanky) look or a subtle highlight. Of course as soon as all is washed off and finally dried - looks almost the same as before. 2 hours after the supposed 40 minute procedure began.

Let's hope it looks good in the sun at least! Maybe I'll match G's colour - one can always dream. Not as easy as mascara - but then I don't wear that either!

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