Friday, March 24, 2006

She walks the line..

G took her first steps on Wednesday - major milestone!!! She is so proud - big brother L captured it on video - he's so proud. Now we're in big trouble!

Can't get over how much they are changing - big fights in the family room. Turf wars over L's toys. He's pretty good at sharing, but G is getting very demanding. She's a feisty one, that girl.

L is wiggling his loose tooth - daily updates forecast that it should probably fall out before he hits 6. Can't believe our big baby is going to be such a big boy so soon!

Still going on many mom dates - internet connecting, mommy dating is addictive. So I'm thinking about going on the MOM show with the kids. Nothing like trying something completely different. Maybe I should get a major makeover before I contemplate going on TV. The kids would be beautiful, me I'm sure NOT!

Keep getting calls from the head hunters about going back to work. Still I'm torn - yikes - want to enjoy being off but shopping and guilt keep creeping back. Keep me away from TCP, H&M , baby Gap, MiniMexx, Gymboree ... can't walk by without walking in. How can you say no to $2.99 for a boy's LS Tee? You can't!!

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