Monday, December 04, 2006

The new 20's ...

Happy Birthday to my big boy - Ian. Wow, he's 44 today (I'm sure he's glad I'm announcing it to the world on his behalf). Can't believe that we've known each other and started dating 20 years ago! Now that's history! And our relationship is still surviving with the addition of a very busy 6 year old and bossy 23 month old. I read somewhere that the 60's are the new 40's so it makes sense to me that we're just hitting our 20s.

I look back sometimes and wonder how we got here. Our 20's were a lot of fun, with travel, dining out, going out, drinking probably a bit too much. But I'm sure I was miserable at times, knowing that Ian was such a tough guy to nail down into commitment (ie. marriage). He was fully committed to me, but the marriage thing was a huge cliff that he had to jump off of. I know now though, that he was totally worth the wait.

I don't know if I ever expected to be a suburban mom - I think I still held in my fantasies the concept of living and working downtown. But reality hits when you have kids, and you don't work downtown. Commuting is just the pits, so at least for now north of 7 works.

So today I finalized an article that I will submit to Today's Parent. Did I tell you there's a little blurb on G at 16 months that I sent in and was actually published in the December 2006 issue? Mommy brain-addled, I was flipping through the last pages and noticed G's name, thinking.... "Wow, someone else named their baby G" then proceeded to read about her behaviour in the bath with cups, emptying, filling etc.... "as described by her mother Karen xxx! Yikes - I totally forgot that I had sent that in! Now that I'm a published author (yeah, right) it gave me the added impetus to make a submission. If it's published, I get $200. Won't be too shabby for a couple hours work. Who knows, maybe I might someday make a living at it.

Been toying with the writing thing for eons. But I don't want to become some tortured artist who's living a lie in suburban Toronto. I just think it's fun to capture a lot of what my life is right now, for although it doesn't seem like much I'm sure if I look back it's going to be among the happiest times of my life. How couldn't it be with a husband who loves me and 2 beautiful children?

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Anonymous said...

hey karen,
i've always toyed with the idea of being a writer too. It is a nice option to have the blogs and a great way to express yourself-if anyone wants to read it's there for them to read!


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