Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hey long time...

So I've rediscovered my blog, thanks to the many moms I've met who are so much more tech savvy than me!
Here we are 19 days from my baby's 2nd birthday - does time ever fly!

Lots to catch up on since the last post. I've been slowly but surely getting used to the SAH gig. I guess Liam had his big 6th BD in April - can't believe he's 6 already. Liam graduated from Senior Kindergarten with a lot of fanfare. Of course, me being a techno-phobe, couldn't handle the digital camera and the camcorder at the same time. So missed the perfect shot of L-ster with the Principal - turned it off when I was trying to focus. Oh well, I caught the movie version.

We had a great summer, which went by very quickly. Managed to take the kidlets to Vancouver then Whistler to join Ian on a work trip. Lboy absolutely loved the Westin Bayshore, right by Stanley Park. Conclusion - my kids love to travel, and expensively !!!Also note to self -- hotels with pools only please! We couldn't spend the whole time at the Westin, so we spent a couple nights at an apartment style place - great location but was so hot, no pool, lots of complaints. So the price was right, but not worth worth the headache.

Whistler, oh my gosh, we stayed at the Four Seasons - I suppose all the work Ian does has a silver lining - we got a great rate due to connections and low season. Ian treated me to a spa day - absolute decadence. Only downside to the trip - L got airsick for the very first time - good thing G was behaving on the plane home. Very uncharacteristic of our seasoned traveller.

In August, got to take a few days for an absolute trip of a lifetime to Reykjavik Iceland, again with Ian's work. And bonus - no kids! I love them, but it was great to get away. Lovely country - we did an adventure tour, I got to go snowmobiling on a glacier mountain. Almost chopped my leg off, but hey, I did it. Did I mention I'm not very athletic - although I'll try anything, but not always successfully. So when Rockstar played this year I was hooting and hollering for Magni - felt like he was my homeboy. Expensive as &*)(#$@ but I suppose it's because everything has to be flown there. What I didn't expect was so many cute little babies, with very young parents. Hopping nightlife and great restaurants - most bar/restaurants were also fully equipped with highchairs. Can you tell I was missing my kids?

Back to school in September. Back to the life of a chauffeur and programs. At least L's in full days and I registered G for some great programs. So active now it's important to get out of the house. Making some real great connections - having too much of a good time according to my mom. She wants me to go to homemaker school now --- but that's another blog entry.

So recent milestones - G is talking a mile a minute. Very bossy to her big brother (and everyone else for that matter). Favourite sayings "no baby, mine" (we're working on the concept of sharing - hopefully more mom and baby dates will help). She loves singing the lullaby that I've been singing to her everynight - changes it a bit to throw in a reference to her big brother - just loves him. Also a very polite kid - good with her "Pease" and "Tank-you's"

She's loving the concept of Christmas. A little fashionista, she couldn't wait to get her party dress on and do some twirls for us. Can recognize Santa, reindeer, snowmen. Our recent photo session was an exercise in frustration but I think the pix will turn out well. How do you keep a 23 month old in one spot for more than 2 minutes - impossible. I won't ever get the hilarious image of her wrestling with the stuffed snowman out of my head though - priceless!

That's it for now. I'll post a little later with more re-caps on the last 6 months - gotta get it down or we'll forget!

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