Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's fun to be an Aunt

My sister gave birth to the cutest little baby girl today - she is so perfectly formed and a very nice size - 8 lb 12 oz. Wow, 6 oz heavier than Giselle, so there's a new family record there! She's got the most gorgeous thick hair, with flecks of blonde in it. She's a beauty!

We went down to hospital to see her tonight. My sister looked tired but sooooo happy. And my brother-in-law was beaming ear-to-ear. His little girl fit so perfectly in the crook of his arm. He's just in awe - swears that her look changed even in the 6 short hours since she'd been born! Parents of newborns are just full of awe and wonder... probably mixed with a bit of shock too!

My kids were happy to see the baby but also a bit unsure as to really how to react - the baby is just so little to them. Giselle was a bit afraid to touch her, and was concerned when I stroked the baby's cheek "mommy, don't touch her she'll wake!" Already she's protective!


BeachMama said...

Congratulations Auntie!! I love being an Aunt just as much as I love being a Mom!

Chrissy121875 said...

Congrats to you and your family! Excellent news! :) I LOVE being an aunt! We've got two nieces on John's side of the family (ages 10 and 11) and one nephew on my side (5 months old). I just love, love, love being an aunt. It's so much fun! Now, I can't wait for US to have our own kiddies!

Cherry said...

Oh yay! New baby!
Enjoy being an Aunt! I got to marry into my Aunthood, and I can't wait for my brother have kids so I can get more nieces (or nephews). I just wish those kids lived closer to us (or us closer to them).

Starshine said...

Thank you for your message on my blog. I love your "That was then. This is now" photos. :)

Like Cherry, I just married into Auntiehood. I love it!

Karen MEG said...

Thanks everyone! I also married into being an Auntie, but my nieces on my hubby's side are now 25 and 13 ! So these little babies (see my new post :) are something extra special.

the mommanista said...

Congrats!!!! A new baby in the fmaily is always such a sweet thing!!!!

Pavel said...

Congrats!!! I'm an uncle myself and I love it!

Dina said...

i wanted to cogratulate you again on being an auntie!!
I have one neice and one nephew on my hubby's side- each of his 2 sisters has one baby/kid. I can't wait to become a real auntie though-it's not the same when the kids are through marriage and not natural...come on bro- have a baby already!!


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