Thursday, August 30, 2007

Throwback's Babies

Thanks to Pinks & Blues for this wonderful tradition. I look forward to Thursdays for fun trips back in time! Here we go...

We've been visiting with babies as much as we can this summer, for obvious reasons. So I've been poring over old photos for my baby photos. And there are quite a few, because I was baby numero uno.

This first is a montage of some cute pictures that my folks took very early on...obviously very young, they had me just a year after they married. My mom looks so chic, the original yummy mummy don't you think? I especially like that photo of her holding me in the red dress. Katie Holmes and Suri come to mind when I see that photo, as we're so dressed up! I love my mom's kitten heels. My dad, looks so young ... and tired! The last photo is one of my mom's favourites as she posed me to look like a doll. I like my hair like that, she must have used a lot of my Dad's brillo cream.

Here's my little sister, in a bouncy chair, and birthday hat!! So cute... I think her baby J looks A LOT like her mommy as a baby:

This shot was taken at Expo '67 in Montreal. So I was about 2; I like the hat. Mom was always keeping me in stylin' form as a tot!

Finally, this is a shot of some of my family on an outing to the Ausable Chasm. There's my mom, my aunt and cousin in their cool sunglasses, my next older cousin (cool fashions for kids back in the day!), me, and my grandmother holding my baby sister. So my father took the photo.

My aunt always gets a big kick out of these types of photos from way back. She pointed this out to me one day: "Look at all the people we got into ONE CAR!!!!" Not a minivan either! Obviously, seat belts and carseats for kids were not a requirement back then. Lucky we made it to adulthoood, don't you think?!


bec said...

Beautiful pics! That one with you and the doll is amazing! You do look like a doll! It's neat looking back at pics of parents to see that they, too, were younger once! Thanks for sharing more wonderful pics from the past!

C said...

Wow! I love all those photos! Your mom looks sooooooooooo chic! I remember looking at pics when my mom and even my grandmother were new moms. They always dressed so nicely and their hair and make-up was so perfect. How, oh how did they ever manage that? They looked soooooooo "Jackie O" in those photos.


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