Saturday, September 01, 2007

Stung not once, but twice

... serves me right for getting the kids McDonalds for lunch.

It was such a gorgeous day out yesterday, the last Friday before school starts, that I decided to forego my usual morning workout at the gym to take my kids to Canada's Wonderland. We had bought season tickets, and L is such a tall boy this year he was charged the adult rate. So in total our passes plus parking came out to about $250, not exactly chump change. To make it worth our while we would have to visit the park at least twice. Including this visit, it would be 3 times, but the second visit without the Dad. L was disappointed because he can only go on the big rides if Ian or I can accompany him.

I had warned L (yeah, fancy that, WARNING him) that I was going to take them to Wonderland if the weather wasn't too steamy. To be fair, Wonderland isn't his favourite place when we have to stick to Kidsville and Nickelodeon Central. He'd rather be hanging out with his friends on the street. But I promised we'd only go for a few hours because our granite counter tops would be coming in later that afternoon.

The big dilemma was what to eat for lunch. We didn't want to eat inside the park, where the food is so overpriced and service usually superslow. Our kitchen still isn't fully functional, so I was trying to think of healthier drive-through options. I suggested a subway sandwich, pizza (although I am sick of it); tacos, sandwiches from Tim Horton's etc... Nothing was striking his fancy, and we were running out of options as we got closer to the park.

L is quite good when it comes to McD's - we try not to have it more than once a month, for special treats only. And if the Happy Meal Toy is not up to snuff, then we don't bother. But it seemed unavoidable as I ran out of ideas as we came to the last McDonald's before Wonderland; and from the way the cars were snaked around through the parking lot into the drive-through line-up it was the last McDonald's on earth. At this point, L thought he might try the Fish-burger; a change from his usual. It was decided that we would both get fish, and the little one was good getting her nuggets.

As I pulled up to the end of the line, it was the most inopportune spot - at a stop sign in the parking lot. I didn't want to block this mini-intersection, so as cars pulled up I backed up to let them through, not wanting to miss my place in line. Well, wouldn't you know it, the second car who I back up for promptly took my place in the line up in front of me. You know how patient I am with those kinds of things, so I threw up my hands in the air and did a "WHAT?" in my meanest krump fashion. Body language is obviously universal, as the woman put her hands up, shrugs her shoulders and did a "Oh, sorry," but did nothing to show she would move.

That was the first sting, and it really gets my goat. I don't like drive-throughs much for the obvious environmental issues, but G had just passed out in the back, and Liam was hungry by this time. I think there should be reserve lines for people who have more than one person in the car, like those High Occupancy Lanes on the highways. Single drivers should not be allowed through drive-throughs because they can get their lazy butts out of the car and walk .... anyway, I digress. By now, the line was so long I decided to park and plop G in the stroller, and walk with my boy into the restaurant to order.

Well, wouldn't you know it, as I set the stroller up, and put my arms up to pick up the still-slumbering girl, I hear this yell "Mom, there's a ..." and I feel this sharp pinch just beneath my armpit. Yes, you know that tender point of flabby flesh that's a reasonable facsimile to a bicep when flexed? Yeah, right there, I SWAT at this annoying yellow-jacket out of pure reflex, while simultaneously a foul stream of unmentionable phrases spews out from between my snarling lips. I think you get the picture.

Second sting. And I feel the venom spreading throughout my upper arm.

Now more annoyed than ever, I grinned and bore it, and we went inside and stood through the shortest but of course slowest line. And got our lunch. Gotta be brave for the kids after all.

L wanted to ask the guy for a band-aid (so cute) but I said it was OK. Now people are staring at my bicep not because it's so firm and toned, but because it looks so red and nasty.

Despite this early setback, we had a couple of great hours at the park. We saw a diving/trampoline show, then each child got a couple of rides...

L on the bumper cars.

G all on her own in an airplane ride.

And then a cute visit with Dora, Diego and Pablo!

Oh, and a few new (and not so new, apparently) words have unfortunately been added to my son's vocabulary. He didn't miss a beat. Asked me about them later that evening - from his point of view, these bad words can be only uttered to himself. I had to correct him - they are not to be uttered by him at ALL (after all, his mother was in severe duress, pain etc...). I think he got it. But he's probably wondering where I got those in the first place. Mmmmmmm.


On a totally unrelated note, here we have my newest island destination complete with the shiny black pearl on top:

Can you hear the angels sing?

Over and out.


C said...

First off, sorry about the bee sting! That's not fun :(

Your kiddies are the cutest! I swear, they are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!!

Your kitchen reno sounds and looks like it's coming along quite nicely! Hoooooorah!

bec said...

Ooh! Frustrating drive throughs!! Some people just don't get the etiquette of them!!!

Ouchie on the bee sting!

Oooh nice reno pic!!! Seems to be turning out gorgeous!!!

Funny thing was yesterday Abby was asking to go to Wonderland! GMTA! We didn't end up going, though and decided to take it easy.

BeachMama said...

Wow it must have been so frustrating just to take the kids to Wonderland. I totoally understand wanting to get your moneys worth from you passes. I have done the same thing, driven a half an hour to stay at a play place for 20min. just to say we used the whole pass.

I totally agree with the drive thru thing too. I never used to use them until I had kids and now I just don't get all the single people in the line?

And ouch, I haven't been stung in years, and hope that I don't get one anytime soon.

The island looks fabulous though :)

J at said...

OUCH. Stings hurt.

Glad you had a great time, though, and your island is GORGEOUS!

Cherry said...

OUCH! I hate bee stings. Which is of course a silly statement because who enjoys them?!
So lovely that the reno is moving along nicely. Have there been any pit falls or changes to the plans? I'm always afraid of projects that big because of those unforeseen issues.

kailani said...

You're a real trooper. I would have turned around and went home.

Beck said...

Wasps! I hate them.
Look at those NEW CUPBOARDS! I am so JEALOUS. And your children ARE beautiful!

Haley-O said...

Bees! OUCH! I'm surprised I haven't got stung this summer. I'm constantly swatting at them. I think they love pregnant woman....

Love the pictures!

Congrats on the reno coming along!!!

Ahhh, Wonderland -- we went once this summer, and that was plentyfor me!!!

Curiosity.Killer said...

Oh goodness, you are a brave one! I would be so pissed off with a bee-sting, the kids will have to spend the next couple of hours at the emergency room with me. I can't believe you kept up with the Wonderland thing!

On a sidenote, I think Wonderland is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than The Ex anyhow. So you made the right choice -- pricer, but the right choice.

Better yet - you're having a brand new kitchen. That's like, totally awesome.

Karen MEG said...

Hi all -it's now a dull bruise, but gave me a bit of a war story to share with the moms at the schoolyard yesterday! Look at me, anything to gossip with!

Dina said...

holy crap...i always run away from bees and everyone laughs- i am gonna tell them this story and say I told you so!!
sorry i absolutely hate bees and i really feel for you!
OTOH your pics are great and it looks like you had a fantastic day overall :)


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