Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Be very afraid...

You never know if Ninja B-boy or TMNT -L lurk in the bushes.

This was last year's Halloween night when Li went out trick or treating with friends for the first time, good friends B-boy and his big brother C, beautiful (oops, sorry boys, SCARY) progeny of my friend Heidi over at Viking Conquest.

Here's a shot of them with our little chickadee and her Dad. Mike was there too, but perhaps he was lurking in the bushes?

Isn't one of the best things about being a parent, dressing the kids up in silly, cute costumes, a decision over which they have absolutely no control? Those poor, sweet, vulnerable kids. How horrible parents can be!

Here's poor G after last year's festivities - drunk from all the fun:

Allow me to indulge myself with the following shots of Halloweens of yesteryear:

G's first Halloween 2005 - that's her Darth Vader brother with her, doesn't she look terrified?

Drunk from the festivities again:

(recurring theme here? Let's hope she gets it out of her system before she's 13).

And here's my little Mighty Morphin Power Ranger the Halloween before his sister came along:

Gotta go get the rest of the decorations done and wrestle the candy away from the girl so there's some left for the trick-or-treaters.

Have a great Halloween!


Badness Jones said...

So cute!! YOU guys have fun tonight too!

Family Adventure said...

OMG! Karen!! The one of Giselle as a wee one. Those eyes! Melting my heart!

They are all super cute. Christopher just came back from trick-or-treating, and his opinion is that Canada does Halloween better (no big surprise there...). So we are on for next year! Mike and Ian can bring a little something to, you know, keep the cold out. While we admire your new kitchen, or perhaps even mine :)

Have fun!


Diesel said...

That's one cute little pumpkin drunk off its ass.

familymclean said...

Yay, what fun!
Love all the photos, I am such a photo blogger!
Just love it!
Happy hauntings!

C said...

Oh my goodness! Are your kids ever cute!!!! Little G is adorable...all drunk from so much fun! That's almost enough cuteness to make me want to start a family of our own soon! LOL!

Kellan said...

Oh ... I just love those pictures - especially those babies crashed! Have a good day. See ya.

Karen MEG said...

Hope you had fun with the kidlets badness.
Heidi - I know, I can't believe how quickly they've all grown. That sounds so much like Christopher LOL! Very matter of fact! I know for sure the boys will bring flasks of hot toddy (yeah, right!) with them next year. We're definitely on!
Hey Diesel - you crack me up!
Anna, love your photos.
c- you should, very soon. It's so much fun having kids...most of the time, anyway :)
Kellan - thanks! G doesn't nap so much anymore, not always a good thing as she's a Cranky G when she's sleepy!

Cherry said...

I hope today you post pics of last night. Did Little Miss G pass out again?


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