Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Everyday's Halloween

Ba boom boom ba-be-bop-bop
Ba boom boom ba-be-bop-bop

I think I’ve finally shaken this thing called COLD. I find the harder ones are the low level buggers that stay with you for days on end, never really coming out full force, but leave you feeling deader than a doornail, especially at night.

I was itching to get to the gym because I’m in serious withdrawal. Did not go once all last week because I felt low level crapola. And then when I did feel sort of up to it on the weekend, Ian suggested I give myself a break and go when I was 100%. Twist my rubber arm he did.

So I gave myself a break and broke into this:
One of the world’s best most recent inventions. Scoops! And for the simplest, best salsa recipe I’ve had in ages: one part (store-bought for me) salsa; one part light sour cream; chop up some cilantro and presto – scoop! I love Anne Lindsay.

And then I had a little of this:
Can you believe that you can eat four of those strawberry delights and still not have consumed the caloric intake of one of these?:

And look what’s left of this:

I’m eating like everyday’s Halloween. And that’s not even until tomorrow.

I really should have been eating this:

Blech. Maybe I’ll just … GO. TO. GYM.


bec said...

(((( Karen)))) it happens to the best of us. You'll be back on track in no time. Don't beat yourself up over it or make yourself feel guilty and worse about it--if you do you just might eat more...and it's Hallowe'en week and we MUST sample the treats our kids get,mustn't we?? All in the name of safety, etc.

Kellan said...

You are so funny! I love those scoops too! I'm glad you're over your cold and seem to be catching up on eating all the good stuff (ha). Have fun at the gym - do some crunches for me. See ya.

Cherry said...

Mmmm I love to mix the salsa, sour cream AND cream cheese. YUM!
I'm a big fan of the scoops as I like to have a high dip to chip ratio.

I know you really enjoy the gym, so you'll really enjoy it when you get back. Just remember to be nice to your body!

Sleepynita said...

Going to the gym just REEKS of effort! And I would totally default on all my gym plans if you handed me a bowl of sour cream and salsa mixed together ..... although you can also toss that on a salad and it is pretty tastey......

familymclean said...

Mmmm, looks like my midnight snack(s). What sucks is when you have that craving for something but you're not sure what it is, so, you keep eating, and eating....that is sooooo me!Ugh.

Family Adventure said...

See, I've gone to the gym twice in the last five days, and every time, I've felt SICKER the next day. My cold is strongly opposed to exercise, and has no intentions of giving up its hold on me. It drips. Literally.

I hope YOU have a great workout. There is nothing like it.

- Heidi :)

Rimarama said...

Why am I suddenly so hungry?

C said...

LOL! LOVE your post, girlfriend! Here I've been waking up super early to workout before teaching...and I've been eating more veggies, less carbs...
You're in super amazing shape though, so I'm sure that yummy food wouldn't hurt ya! ;) Seriously! My aunt keeps telling me how amazing you are in that class you take together at the gym! She says you're super co-ordinated and energetic (and so friendly and bubbly)!

Man, I'm getting hungry looking at those Scoops and the salsa mix.

I don't know if you like Fettuccine Alfredo, but I've posted a super easy recipe today. My friend's kids just devoured it. You may want to omit the white wine in the sauce if you're serving it to the kids though! LOL!

C said...

PS. Still think it's funny that you know my aunt (she's still in Chile at the mo').

PPS. That Alfredo recipe...definitely zero calories...NOT! LOL! ;)

Kellan said...

Hey Karen - I'm still up too! We need to go to bed!! Thanks for the nice comments on my site about the kids - have a Happy Halloween! I'll see you tomorrow. Kellan

gmcountrymama said...

I just had a not so very healthy snack too and it is after MN. Of course I just got home from work. I swear I will try harder tomorrow!
I loved your last post, very funny.

kailani said...

That looks like it used to be a Chocolate Dream Cake. Yum!

Curiosity.Killer said...

Oh please. That's my life once every three days.

Hee ha ha .

Happy Halloween - be honest with yourself and don't eat all of the candies - they're meant for your little ones too.



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