Monday, October 29, 2007

Mama Love ... miracles and meandering thoughts

I think my kids actually like me.

L had a fun playdate on Friday, to round out the awesome week of school. Awesome because for some reason he had absolutely NO homework all week - he actually told me that he had tons more in Grade 1. I just hope he doesn't get an avalanche this week - or that his Grandma doesn't get wind of it or we'll have truckload of workbooks delivered to our door.

I've got a daily tug of war with my older child over the computer. We're trying to limit his computer time, and I'm endeavouring to set a good example by not staying glued here all day blogging. At least when he's around. Over the summer he discovered this online game that he could play with his buddies. It's quite a neat adventure game set in medieval times; he's learning about the free market, trading pelts, cowhides, looking for treasure and scrolls, dealing with coins. Not killing anyone, as far as I know. He's managed to get up to level 4 gazillion, thereabouts.

Well, during his playdate he logged on to show his buddy how far he'd advanced, and they hung around it for a few minutes before scampering off. After his friend left, he got back on as the time that I'm preparing dinner is his Runescape time. However, major disaster hit ... he could not get onto his account.

"Oh NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Mommy I've been HACKED!!!!!!"

He had tried about five times (too many, I think) and was subsequently locked out. Were the Caps locked? Did he hit the right keys? Let's try to set a new password. Not working...

"Waaaaaahhhhhh!!!" He was on the ground, bawling his eyes out, thrashing and lamenting that he'd given out his password and that he'd never, ever reach those heights again. It was the end of the world.

Seriously addicted, perhaps?

After calming him down, I took him out of the office and brought him to his Dad. I could still hear the sobbing, and Ian consoling him, telling him that these things happen all the time to him on his computer, and that Mom would make it right. Just give her the space. No pressure, right? Me, techie-challenged Mom of two who deals with all computer crises by shutting the whole system down. All of a sudden appointed IT department of the household.

I made my way around the site, and submitted a request to make things right. And miracle of miracles, I called L back in about half an hour later and he was able to reset a new password. A sacred new password.

Smiles, and then huge hoot with victory arms swung up in the air. "Mom, you're awesome. You're the saviour of the world!"


G is going through a "band-aid" phase. If she has a minor spill, trips on something, has something wipe at her face accidently, she must have a band-aid stuck to the "injured" area. We've indulged her this little idiosyncracy, as the placebo effect is tremendous. Tears disappear as soon as the package appears. Therefore I keep those super sticky, tough-adhesive thick ones well hidden from her father, as the last time she had a nothing scratch on her forehead, he pasted two of them right across her eyebrows. Ouch!!! They didn't come off for over a month.

On Friday, as she was re-adjusting the Halloween stickers on the door to show to her brother's friend, she tripped on the doorway as she made her way inside. Major calamity, requiring two band-aids, one for each knee. She pulled her pants up, had me stick them on the knee caps (no marks, scratches were evident, there was a little red, but nothing had happened). The pant legs stayed up all night, she walked around the house holding them up even though I had folded them for her.

The whole weekend she pointed out her injured knees to anyone who looked remotely interested. Fast forward to last night. As she got on the potty before bed, the band-aids came off with her pull-ups. I thought she was going to have a major fit. But no, she looked at her knees, saw nothing was there, and then looked up at me with her face beaming. "Mommy, it's all better! You made it better! Yay!!!" and danced around the washroom half naked.


"Mommy, I like your little nose", said G to me last night at dinner.

She then pointed to her nose and said "I like my little nose too. I have little holes. They are little circles. (I mentioned to her that the holes were called nostrils). I like my little ears. Can I see your ears Mommy? They're little ears like me!"

Ian had to get in on the conversation. Danger, danger .... remember, mommy has an Asian nose; Daddy has a somewhat more European nose ....why are you going there?

Ian: "How about Daddy's nose? Is it big or small?"

G: "It's BIG".

Ian: "Is it nice or gross?"

G: "It's GROSS".

Ian: "And what do Daddy's nostrils look like?""

G: "They look like DIAMONDS!"

Me: "How about Mommy? What do mommy's nostrils look like?"

G: "They look like HEARTS!"

Me: "Let me get this straight. Mommy's nose is little with hearts. And Daddy's nostrils are BIG, GROSS DIAMONDS?"

G: "YEAH!" with a huge hearty laugh.


Gee, did I mention that I love my kids?

I just hope they don't figure out that I don't really know what I'm doing ;)


Kellan said...

I love that whole conversation - so adorable! And the Band-aid thing - I have a post in my drafts on this very subject - it is amazing how the whole band-aid thing can become out of control - cute! I loved your last line! Good post - see ya.

Beck said...

We go through a normal-sized box of bandaids every two days. And those fancy character bandaids get used up in the car on the way home from the grocery store...

MrsGrumpy said...

I think you need to keep Giselle around forever. What a confidence booster. We don't keep bandaids around because I have a son very much like that.

familymclean said...

Ha, ha this post is too funny. I love the nose part, soooo cute!

Family Adventure said...

They love you, they really, really love you :)

I hear ya on the Runescape thing, although B boy has been playing for a year now. We have actually had to cancel his membership because it was somehow hacked into, or he changed his password once too many times and forgot about it.

Anyway, we are taking a Runescape break. Addictive, yes, I think we can safely say that it is!


Badness Jones said...

Loved this post - your kids sound great. I always grump to the hubby that the princess won't let him put her to bed - "I'm sorry daddy, but I just like my mom SO much!", so I always have to do it, but the truth is I'd be devestated if it were the other way around.

bec said...

Too funny, Karen! Note to self: do not let ds learn about Runescape. I would never see him again! WTG on being the IT person of the house and being the saviour of the world! It's so different these days--when I was in grade 2 I didn't even know what a computer was, let alone what 'being hacked' meant!

The nostril-story was hilarious. So nice for G to like her little cute nose. I wonder if my nose has diamonds or circles. Hmm I'll have to ask her.

Bandaids are more like stickers here. With all those characters adorning them, they are more decorative than protective. Ds put them in a pattern on the kids' bathroom door.


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