Thursday, November 22, 2007

Come Rain, Come Snow, Come Sleet

...pelting on my window this morning at 5:21 AM. Like the playground pebbles that L and his friends whip carelessly at each other as they run in playful circles around the park. Except that these ice pellets are making contact at an alarmingly annoying rate, reminding me that my kids do not yet have boots, and that I need to get to Walmart as the doors open this morning at 7 AM. I decided that I would do that as I was watching the biblical epic known as the "Michael Kuss Weather Report" on the 11 PM news. It felt like we were watching an hour's worth of forecasting. That guy is so passionate about the weather; it actually borders on the ridiculous. How many weather stations do you need across the city to monitor the conditions and temperatures that differ no more than 1.5 deg. C at any given time?

I feel so disorganized. Don't get me wrong, this work project that has landed right on my lap is an amazingly wonderful opportunity, and is just what I've been thinking about for the last few months. In a perfect world, I suppose it would have been easier to "ease" into it a bit more gradually. Giving me time to actually set up an office, uncluttered work area, book shelves, stationery and the whole bit. But it's not a perfect world. Especially not necessarily for my kids anymore.

L and G are both really feeling the difference already. After two straight days of working, I took yesterday off for her BFF playdate. She was very clingy during the playgroup, sitting on my lap during circle time and then showing me each and every toy she was playing with. Her need for my attention was so achingly apparent.

And even L, who seems to be such a big boy most of the time, and fighting for computer time more often than not. He's been very helpful in asking when he can log on, how long he can stay on for. We have another computer but haven't had the chance to hook it up for him. And I need this one for the printer. Oh, the logistics of it all. But he's giving me encouraging hugs as I adjust, and he's attending to his little sister a bit more than he used to. And he's good as long as he can get some computer time on a laptop, sneaking in some dinner along the way. He looks a lot like me these days, in this picture...

Sometimes I forget that he's still only seven himself. Scary, how mature he can be.

And hubby, well he's just loving it.

"Get back in that office, I can handle things out here!" He's picking up the slack really well. Despite feeling like a short order cook when they're barking orders at him non-stop.

"Dad, can I have a snack. I'm thirsty, can I have a juice, no wait, chocolate milk."

"Daddy, I don't like this cereal. Can I have the other kind. I'm hungry, can I have some skittles?" "Can I have more treats. Let's stay up longer tonight." "Just one more show, one more minute."

Needless to say, he's usually in bed right after he tucks the kids in.

Welcome to my world, Daddy!


gmcountrymama said...

Don't feel bad, I somehow forgot to buy new boots for the kids BEFORE the first snow fall this year. I sent E to the bus with her toes scrunched inside last years boots, feeling like a horrible mother, knowing she only had to wear them 50ft to the bus, promising to take her to buy them ASAP.
T had to wear E's old rubber boots and they kept falling off!
You are very lucky your hubby is helping you out with your new work schedule and your little ones are trying to help.

Badness Jones said...

Change is always hard, but it's good too. Your family seems amazing....lucky you!

Kellan said...

Welcome to my world - something I say all the time around my house. Take care. Kellan

C said...

Your kids are just WAY too cute!

Family Adventure said...

Karen - I know you must feel slightly overwhelmed, but don't worry, it will get better. And lucky for you, Ian is able and willing to step in.

Just hang in there, and you'll have a routine down in no time!

Hugs to you! Heidi

another good thing said...

You will be SO much more appreciated, don't you think? A great example as a Mother and a woman. Get back in that office! Hah.


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