Monday, May 12, 2008

Dancing "New" Romantic

It had been a VERY long while since we'd been to a wedding. The one we attended on Saturday was well worth the wait. My young friend, the beautiful bride, did such a fantastic job organizing a truly wonderful celebration full of love and tradition. There were several points in the day that got me so choked up. I cried at the ceremony, although it was conducted in Armenian, Italian and English and I didn't understand what was said for much of it, the symbolism was so apparent. But what hit me most was the love that shone from the groom's eyes as his bride came up to his side. There was lovely music, traditional blessings of the rings, and of crowns, communion, lighting of the candles.

And what a reception. The antipasto bar opened at 5:30; we got there just after 6, and after getting drinks and finding our table, Ian promptly ditched me for the antipasto tables. Somehow I ended up at the hot food area and at the other side of the cold platter table while hubby was just starting to load up. Did I tell you I'm a pro at the buffet (ugh, I don't like run of the mill buffets, but this was irresistible). So I had a mountainous platter by the time I got back to my seat. How bad is it that my friend looked at my plate, laughed and said she wanted to see me eat all that because she KNEW I could!!! Remember, there was still the dinner to come... paced myself and managed to get through two types of canneloni, beef, part of the chicken, and the gelato dessert. Part of a traditional Italian wedding feast. I was all set though, as I had worn my expandable Nicole Miller "garbage bag" dress.

The speeches were so heartfelt; the bride's brother, who is a singer/songwriter, performed a composition written especially for the couple. He's got a scratchy rock voice and while he was singing with his guitar, I was thinking, this young man must have NO problems whatsoever with the ladies. He should think about Canadian Idol.

Then the party got started. The deejay was so much fun. There was traditional Armenian dancing (the ladies danced around in a large circle; I was tempted to join, but with my 4-inch stillettos, I was really afraid of knifing someone's, mainly my own, toes.) The men had their own separate Armenian drinking dance, around a glass and then picking it up with their mouths for the satisfying "gulp" in conclusion.

I was lucky; Ian was in a dancing mood. One thing that I think is great about hubs, is that he likes to dance. He always has, and he's not a bad dancer. Not a Bodyjam dancer, but he appreciates good dance music. Well, despite the 80s swinging arm movements which I forgive him for, because that was the move that just sorta went with the mullet back in the day, you know? We're grooving it up to some Rihanna, Kanye, Timbaland, and then on comes this beat and he says to me...

"Hey, remember when we were in Barbados and I requested this song, I LOVED this song, and the guy looked at me and told me it was SOOOOO old?"

And I said, "Yeah, but it wasn't really that old, was it?"

Barbados, that was a lifetime ago, when we used to do the Caribbean thing every year, the couples-only stuff. No kids.

I didn't remember the song right away, but my memory cell was tweaked... and then the distinctive synthesized notes of the following came on:


Oh yeah, THIS song. And I loved that he remembered it, because it came out the year we got married. So I danced and laughed with my husband, with more fervor and even less inhibition. I was not even inebriated. Just drunk with joy.

So funny that of all the old school songs the DJ could have picked, he chose this one. The one that brought back memories of a time when we didn't yet have children, a time when we were dancing fools, carefree DINKs, a time before we hit the struggles of trying to create a family.

A time of beginnings.

Like this lovely wedding celebration of a couple embarking on an exciting stage of their lives. And yes, marriage, despite the mundane can still be exciting.

There was a quote that came up during the reception, mentioned by the bride's sister, whose husband said on their wedding day, the best part of marriage was that he could fall in love with her again every day.

And I believe that what she said was true.

Even 15 years later. On a banquet hall dance floor in the burbs. It was happening all over again.


April said...

You're a sap, you know that :)

The Immoral Matriarch said...

What a sweet post! I'm sitting here in my chair dancing - I'm such a dork. LOL.

Here's to their and your marriages lasting happily after. :)

*toasts juice box*

Karen MEG said...

@April, yup, SAP, my middle name ;)@Maria, it's a VERY danceable tune! Thanks!

McMommy said...

So funny....I am also not a fan of buffets...but I have to say, that one sounded DELISH!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

I totally agree with mcmommy.... even though not my thing.... sounds gooood!

Don Mills Diva said...

Aww - what an adorable post. I absolutely love weddings and this one sounded great!

J at said...

Buffets usually overwhelm me with how much food there is, and underwhelm me with how crappy the food is. ;) But when you get a good one, like you did, it can be truly lovely.

You are indeed a sap, and I think that's the best way to be. I'm glad you had a wonderful time at the wedding!

JCK said...

I LOVE that dance song! Your hubs has good taste. Those special moments rekindling with one's husband are priceless.

That is SO cool that you used to go regularly to the islands pre-kids!

Family Adventure said...

LOL! I think april said it best!

Glad you had a good time - love the multicultural flavour.


Kellan said...

Sounds like a wonderful wedding and a good time!

Hope you had a good day - see you - Kellan

Kat said...

That's so sweet, love it! Loved dancing to that song too.

Kimmylyn said...

Love that song.. LOVE.
I am a wedding junkie.. I really love to have a great time without overdoing sounds like you had the best time!!

Maureen said...

Aw, how lovely. You are lucky hubby still dances; we just watch now... sounds like a great time for more than just the bride and groom!

another good thing said...

Nice memory, great song. Thanks for the get up and go this morning, and reasons to fall in love every day all over again.

dkuroiwa said...

Yes, my dear...a sap you be!!:-D But that really isn't a bad thing!! I want to listen to the song everyone is asleep and I can't find my headphones, I will wait until tomorrow to watch the video!!

I love weddings...even Japanese ones where I can understand very little, the "feeling" is still there...and yep, I cry too!!

I also love those moments where you look at that person you married and think, "yep, I would marry you again in a hearbeat!"

This was a great post!! Oh...and your comment on my post about Heidi had me laughing!!! I love it when people ask questions...and she certainly is asking a bunch isn't she?!?! too fun!!! I have never been to Canada, but am thinking now that I need to put in on my list of "places I need to see"...I got people there now I need to meet and have coffee/tea/beer with!! :-D

Kami said...

Awwww, that's so sweet!


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