Thursday, May 28, 2009


(First of all, THANK YOU for all your encouraging words and comments as I had a meltdown for the internets to see. Looks like I struck a bit of a chord, and I'm happy to see that I'm not alone. Obviously I've been in a major funk. At one point before I posted, I wondered even if I had the energy, creativity, desire to blog anymore. But you have reminded me of why I do this in the first place. For me. And you are all wonderful.)

"So Guppy, Daddy needs to have a talk with you."

"What? Why?"

"Well, I want you to know that when Mommy comes to pick you up from Michael's house, you need to go with her. You don't make Mommy wait for you, you don't whine about not wanting to leave, you don't make Mommy chase you around the house. It makes it difficult for Mommy and late for her to pick up your brother."

"But Daddy..."

"No buts. You're a guest there, and it makes it very awkward for Mommy. You have to listen to Mommy, it's important."

"But Daddy, why did the caterpillar die?"

"We're not talking about caterpillars right now, honey. Did you understand what Daddy just said about listening to Mommy?

"What do caterpillars eat?"

"And if you make Mommy so very angry she's just going to get mad all over again to me and I'll hear about it as soon as I walk through the door, she's going to go back to work."

"Oh. Okay, Daddy."

Let's see if it this sticks for the next 24 hours. Before she finds the next caterpillar.

(P.S. Check out this neat site, Farecast. Thanks to them I waited it out and got better rates, and my husband has been saved from being tied to the stake and given a royal lashing. Now he only owes me $12.)


J at said...

I hope it works!

That website was totally distracting, by the way, and had me imagining a trip to Rome in the near future...

Tooj said...

I was trying to explain to my 4 year old today, on the way to school, something important. (I can't remember what it was but I KNOW it was an important lesson.) And then I hear, in the very middle of my very important three sentence lesson...."mary had a little lamb....little lamb....lit-". Seriously? You're singing about sheep when I'm teaching you about the ways of the world???

Jenny86753oh9 said...

I'm glad you're sticking with it. I was in the middle of giving you my (very agreeable) 2 cents on the last post when my internet died (GRRRR!).

I was AMENing like crazy on what you said.

bec said...

I had a meltdown on Monday that really made your last post resonate with me. So much so I didn't comment because a comment would have turned into a blog post of its own!

Good strategy, Guppy, of distraction. Almost worked. lol

Glad your trip plans worked out. I'm sure your dh is glad it worked out, too, for his own sake!!

I think lil G parted on very good terms today. Both Lil G and my dd seemed to appreciate the reality that they had to part ways and would see each other again. Seems that the daddy-chat worked.

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

That was a great rant (post before), sorry I am so behind, sheesh, bad friend! We have all been in funks. Your post was so real and I could totally relate to it. Shit happens and sometimes we want to throw it right back 'cause it's enough already.

And G, oh boy, that was an interesting conversation :) Attention span not as long as one would like it, eh? :)

C said...

I was just thinking about how Hubby and I are going to deal with situations like those when Little One gets older. No doubt there will be many challenging situations ahead!

Hoping Little G's convo with her Dad will work...until the next time she'll need to hear it again :)

I've been thinking of you! Must catch up soon. XOXO

louann said...

I seriously remember using that trick on my parents up until highschool. I'm dreading payback time!

Ed said...

Those are the conversations that literally make my head pop off!

Tara R. said...

If I don't go spider monkey on the peeps at least once a month, they think something is wrong.


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