Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Fragments - I need a Bruno Wig#

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"If you've ever wondered whether you made a difference in someone's life, consider this as one time that you have".

Wow. I guess things are going pretty well for me at work. And I am so humbled.


As I was driving out of the parking garage last night, I spotted a fellow walking to his car. There was something in his gait, his profile, the way he wore his hair, that was so familiar. He looked a lot like a good friend of mine from highschool and university, who I hadn't seen in over 10 years. Curiosity got the better of me, so I slowed down my oh-so-sexy minivan and with a smile on my face, peered at him as he turned to face me (he must have felt my eyes drilling into the back of his head) ... and of course it was SO NOT him!!!!


So I put the pedal to the metal and I shot out of the garage like a bat out of hell.

Wonderful. Now he thinks he's got this old lady Asian cougar who will stalk him every night.

Yay me.


My boy announced last week that he wants to try out for competitive soccer. Which is actually great news - I mean, at this point, if he shows a passion or enthusiasm for anything, I should be thrilled right?

Looking at the schedule though, we've found out that the time commitment is incredible. We're talking a minimum two to three 2 hour practices a week, plus 2 league games a week. FIVE days a week? When would he do homework? When would the girlie have time for her activities? When would we have a life?

I want to encourage him, and certainly the man does too, but with hubs' work and travel schedule, and with me working full time and likely traveling to Europe four times a year, how can we deal? Or more likely, how will I deal - because this will fall on me. That's the way it is, that's the reality.

I'm the one close to home.

I'm the one who does the scheduling, the pickups, the schlepping...and I'm freakin' out a bit at the prospect.

If I were a SAHM of course, this would be a non-issue.


I'm such a selfish thing.

We can't discourage him, though. I guess we'll have to see how he does, and take it from there.

If he's good and he loves it, we will manage.


How was the first week of school for everyone? For my Grade 1 (full-time school-ager now, don'tcha know) girlie, the first day was "awesome". Her teacher is young, pretty and nice. You don't need much more criteria than that! The Grade 5-er was thrilled that he's got his best pals (well, with the exception of a best bud that moved to Switzerland now) in his class. And his teacher does not believe in full class punishment if one or two bad apples spoil things. Which was a huge deal for him last year (and something I was actually pretty pissed about myself, but never got around to raising with that teacher before the year ended-- my bad ...)

So far, so good.

For Mom, well, there's the adjustment of having to make double the number of lunches and snacks. But at least both sandwiches were gobbled up every day.


I've been wanting to get to the Gap for weeks now, ever since I noticed the line of "perfect black pants" that hit the magazine stands in August. And since I'd bought up pretty much every major fashion magazine in August, I was totally suckered in by the advertising.

Today I managed to get there, while I was having my car emission-tested.

And lo and behold, they were on sale for $25 off!!!!

Even better, I took sizes 4 and 6 into the change room with me, thinking that this was, well, wishful thinking.

Can you believe that I was swimming in the size 4?

What up with that???

The sales girl walked by and said, "Oh boy, those are way big for you. You need to go down a size. What do you have there, a 4? I'll pick you up a 2..."

And off she went.

A TWO???? The last time I was a two, I think I was 12 years old.

Something is definitely up with the sizing these days.

But who the hell cares.

I'm a frickin' size TWO!

I love the GAP.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

#PS. I know the title of this post is totally nonsensical, but yeah, the hubs bought one for some reason, and it would likely serve me well now with my underground parking situation and all...


Kirby3131 said...

"If you've ever wondered whether you made a difference in someone's life, consider this as one time that you have"

I love that - Thanks :)

Kristin - The Goat

Kat said...

I just discovered I fit into my old size 4s again. And I still have 10 pounds before I reach my goal weight! Yep, something is up with the sizes these days, but I DON'T CARE! I think I may even try on some jeggings. :)

The parking garage thing cracked me up! ;) Oops.

Coby said...

The incident in the parking garage is hilarious! I did something similar: When I was about 15 I was with my parents at my mom's office party. I had wandered away from my parents, and suddenly spotted my dad, standing with his back to me. I went over to him, put my arms around him and squeezed.

It wasn't my dad. SO embarrassing!

J at said...

I have no idea how parents of multiple child homes do it. I'm a work at home mom, and I can barely manage with one.

First weeks of school were OK here. It's the beginning of High School, which is a huge adjustment for us. And by US I mean mom and dad.

Gap, I wonder if it's those classes you're taking? I'm a 2/4 when I'm where I want to be. Right now, 6. Sigh.

Huckdoll said...

I hate to say that I LOVE Gap sizing! I wear a 4 from there and I know I haven't been that small for years. I wish a number didn't give me a little boost but it really does :P

I sure hope things work out with soccer. I can't quite imagine juggling to that extent but if it can be done I'm sure your family will rock it.

Happy weekend xo

Jen said...

"If you've ever wondered whether you made a difference in someone's life, consider this as one time that you have"

so true, thanks.

and yes you will manage to love your job, your son and he will love you and soccer :)

Kate said...

This makes me laugh...

Tooje said...

Make good friends with one of the soccer moms and see if you can get some help in shuttling him to and fro once in awhile. That might alleviate something for you, maybe once or twice a week?

An Asian cougar would be that man's DREAMS at work. You keep workin' it, size two! :)

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

The emotional rollercoaster Karen! I went from being so proud of your work success to laughing at the parking garage to ow, that hurst about the soccer and the size two thing, OMG! Congrats!

And what is up with grade 4 and class punishment? We are only days in with Jack and that is the deal with his teacher too....GRRR. He was less than impressed let me tell you.

Family Adventure said...

Thanks for the laugh, Karen....just envisioning you in your minivan :)
Listening to the boys playing Xbox. I hate the game, but love the fact that they can play together on different sides of the ocean!

StarTraci said...

Well, if you are wearing a size two, Mama, then I think you qualify as a Sexy Cougar!

Do not be hard on yourself over your dilemma with soccer -- it is not selfish to consider yourself in these issues. As you pointed out, it is you that will be doing so much. If you don't take care of yourself, you can't take of others. BTW, I am completely a pot calling out the kettle with this, but it is none the less good advice. Maybe I should take it myself.

Have a wonderful week!


Life As I Know It said...

Can he get some rides to practice during the week?
I hear you on the craziness of it all. And as a SAHM, I can tell you that it is still an issue getting two kids to different activities all week.

congrats on the size two...yahooo!!!


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