Saturday, September 04, 2010

Last Blast of SAHMness

My brilliant blog pal Mrs. 4444, has come up with another treasure -

Saturday Sampling

An opportunity to post a favourite post from the previous week? Rather difficult for me as my track record these days is barely one post a week. Please bear with me then, as I dust off my archives for what was on my mind a year ago this weekend.

This is a combination post, and it's a wonderful reminder of the power of the blog. For those new here, I contemplated a major life shift this time last year- moving from SAHM to full time career woman after being at home for almost 5 years. And I made that leap, armed with the confidence of my family - and that of my online family. The support that I received on this blog, the comments and encouragement, helped make my decision that much easier.

I am now at a really good place. It hasn't been easy - far from it - I think I've faced a couple of the biggest challenges of my career ever, all while balancing life at home with two active kids and a husband with a busy career of his own. But the fact that I can sit here and say, "Yeah, it was absolutely the right decision" is an EXCELLENT thing.


Ready or Not:(originally posted Sep. 2/09)

It's happening. It's really happening.

But somehow I knew, even back when I first got the phone call and my interest was tweaked.

Despite all the hee-ing, haw-ing, the self-doubt, the tears about whether it was time, I knew if I went in for the interview, I would get it.

And I did.

In a few short weeks, I will wake up from my almost 5 year "nap" (um, yeah, right...) and step into my new reality.

As the kids bug me about when their next playdate is, about the excitement of seeing their friends again, about getting on with their lives, I KNOW that they are more than ready.

Me? I'm scared. I'm terrified.

But mostly, I'm excited.


Friday Fragment (originally posted Sep. 4/09)

I took the kids to see "Bedtime Stories" again, but this time in the open air at our nearby soccer field.

It was the last of a series that ran in our community for the first time this summer. We met up with good friends, set up our lawn chairs, got out the popcorn, and enjoyed the film under the bright moonlight. It was fun to see the kids chattering way, little G giggling with her BFF, while stuffing her face full of popcorn. The boy intensely playing with his DS, but at least interactively with his friend (and BFF's big brother), cracking up at the game and at the movie every so often.

As the evening cooled down, and the girlie started to get tired, she climbed up on my lap for a snuggle. At first I was hit by a tinge of sadness. After all, I'm not anything if not melancholy.

This would be the last carefree summer with the kids. No more hanging out, at friends' pools, popping over for impromptu coffees with other moms in the neighbourhood, shuffling the kids off to the library for programs or just to catch a few moments with the magazines and books. At least not during the day. Oh I know, your heart bleeds. But it has been a very special time for our family.

Nothing lasts forever. Then I realized that it's not entirely true. The sadness faded away and was replaced by the loving cuddle of a little girl who was nestling her tired sweet face into the warmth of her mother's embrace. Her mother embracing the Now.

This, this is what I cherish, this love that I have for my kids, my husband, my family.

And this love, it ain't ever going away.


Enjoy the last blast of summer.


Kristen said...

It's truly amazing what staying home with your kiddos will do to you isn't it? At first you aren't sure if you can do it...then you couldn't imagine NOT staying home.

Stopped by from Saturday Sampling!

Huckdoll said...

I very much remember this post from last year and LOVED reading it again. So happy for you, K!

Mrs4444 said...

I, too, enjoyed the walk down Memory Lane. I especially remember the one in which you showed all of your new clothes, too :) Can you believe a year has gone by already? Thanks for linking up!! I miss you, so it was great to hear from you :)

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

I am in awe that is has already been a year! Crazy how time flies. I am so very happy to hear that you feel it was exactly the right decision. That makes me so very happy for you.

But I have to still tell you that I miss you in blogland even though I am happy for you :)

Tooje said...

Your journey has had me thinking a lot over the past few weeks. I am toying with the idea of leaving the industry I'm in and the best opportunity I've had yet in it to stay home during the day and work nights. It may not be feasible if the hours and money aren't right...but if they are???

I have a decision to make. And it's a huge leap of faith to leave the working world as you know it, and probably an even bigger one to jump back into it like you did. Moms have such difficult decisions, but the experience you had staying home with your children make me want to do it. Badly. I want to stay home. Badly.

Thanks for sharing your story so that I can use points of reference to write my own. :)

Unknown Mami said...

"Her mother embracing the Now." I love that line. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

C said...

Oh, Karen! This is such an amazing post! Love it! I start teaching ESL again this week. In an ideal world, I'd like to just be able to stay with Little One and be there for all her every day adventures. I would just love to be able to spend her formative years with her. The time between now and when she starts school is just so short. I wish, I wish, I wish... :)

Thanks for sharing this post, Karen! XOXO

Kirby3131 said...

How wonderful that you were able to go back into the working world and be happy about your decision. It's a tough decision to be a SAHM or a working outside the home mom, but it's even worse if you don't make peace with the decision. Good Job :)

Kristin _ The Goat
via Saturday Sampling

Jen said...

I didn't know you back then, but I think this was pretty brave and gutsy. good for you! Nice that you got to spend time at home, and then when you made the choice to work again, you found something great. =)

Karin said...

I remember that post and I can't believe it's been a year! I am so glad that you are so happy with your decision to go back to work. I may contemplate the same in another year or two!

Anonymous said...
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StarTraci said...

Good luck with the new stage in your life!

Thanks for stopping by my place.

Have a terrific week -- at work and at home!

(formerly 38Traci)


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