Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Biggest Ever ...

"Hey Karen, haven't seen you in a while - wow, you're looking great - so trim!"

"Thanks, I know I've lost weight. I can actually get into some outfits that I haven't worn since before I had the L-boy. To tell you the truth I weigh about what I did on my wedding day "

How wonderful - there's a silver lining to everything I suppose. It's too bad that I got here by not being able to eat properly for the last couple of months. Not eating is highly overrated.

I'm having surgery tomorrow.


Book Clubs are Hazardous for Your Health

There's this thing called complacency. Complacency mixed with a little vino while noshing on mini pizzas and samosas during an enthusiastic discussion about "The Forgotten Garden", combine that with excitement about the Royal Wedding which was coming up the next day...well, let's just say that can create havoc on an unsuspecting gallbladder.

Yes, remember that little episode? That was over two years ago, and what followed was the darkest period of my life. Little wonder that I wasn't in such a hurry back then to go within a one metre radius of a hospital for elective surgery.

I guess there's no thwarting mother nature. So despite my best efforts with watching my rich, fatty food intake over the past couple of years, it's come back to bite me.


"So what were you doing during the Royal Wedding?"

Well I certainly won't forget April 29, 2011. Nothing like a gallbladder attack to wake one up for historic nuptials. Hey, I was up anyway. I promised myself that if I could get through the pain, I would make an apointment with my doctor to get this looked at. Stat.


"Oh, what's this?"

Not the most comforting words from your surgeon. I figured it wasn't a great thing to have something palpable down the belly way but assumed it was a result of the gallbladder issues.

Cue the CT scan, which ultimately proved that it was indeed my offending organ. It's just that they're not normally so freakishly huge.


Tomorrow afternoon I should feel lighter, both physically and metaphorically. The relief from the chronic pain and relief from the worry of diet is so welcome. The irony of losing weight in time for bikini season, but having surgical scars to show for it, is not lost on me.

Who am I kidding? I'm too old to be wearing a bikini anyway.

I'm looking forward to having a Dairy Queen chocolate dipped ice cream cone. And some Bodyjam to go with that. Summer won't start for me until then.


Cid said...

I hope all goes well tomorrow. As for the bikini, I have decided that at age 45 I don't give a damn and a bikini is the most comfortable thing to wear. Of course, I only wear it at the cottage which is in Algonquin Park and there isn't anyone to see me up there but the loons.

Kori said...

Good luck tomorrow! And scars, schmars; they just show you have lived a full life. Wear the bikini anyway! :)

Tara R. said...

It was great to see you pop up in my Reader... but craziness has been going on with you! Good luck tomorrow. Hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

So good to see you online again. Good Luck!!!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Oh no! I swear, I'll never comment on anyone's weight again. My mom knew someone who lost a LOT of weight, and everyone commented on how great she looked. Too bad she had to get cancer to do it. Ugh. So yeah, gain 80 lbs, lose 80 lbs, whatever, I'll be the one complimenting your outfit or your sense of humor, K?

Good luck with the surgery. I hope it went well and that you're feeling better already. Slow down, eat right (gotta be kinda genetic, no? Seems like you mostly eat right already), and try to give the heave-ho to a bit of stress.


louann said...

Will be praying for your safe operation and speedy recovery. My thoughts are with you.

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

It is about time you got that taken care of and hopefully by now you are noshing on that ice cream!

Wear the bikini! You rock it, you hot 45 year old!

C said...

Oh my gosh, Karen! It HAS been way too long since we've caught up! I was at Dani's a few weeks ago and remembered last time I was there, so were you! Hope to catch up soon.

Thinking of you! xo

Cherry said...

I so hope the surgery went well and you are already feeling better. This seems to be the longest Gall bladder battle ever!


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