Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A rabbit out of a hat

Hey-I'm on the other side. Four pokes to my midsection and I'm none the worse for wear. Well, relatively speaking anyway. Thanks for all your words of support-it really helped as I was surprisingly nervous. I suppose that even though it was day surgery it is still quite invasive and major in its own way, despite how common it is, particularly in women. My admitting nurse told me there was only one nurse in the surgery department that day who still had her gallbladder -amazing.

My surgery was delayed about an hour -something about a code red in the hospital (ie fire alarm) not allowing them to prep patients for surgery. Awww come onnnnnn -just kidding. But it was rather unnerving hearing this alarm go on and on and on for about 45 minutes before they moved me to the next "station". The worst part was when they took my glasses before leading me to the operating table -blind much??
Once they hooked me up to the anaesthetic and I took a couple of deep breaths I was out.

When I woke up I felt like I'd been hit by a Mack truck. I saw the other assisting doctor give me a thumbs up, saying "We got it all out-it was HUGE!". My doctor confirmed for Ian later that it was indeed "very large" but he didn't have to make the incision any bigger than usual. It's amazing what modern surgical techniques can accomplish these days. I don't even have stitches steri strips are what's holding the holes together. Amazing yet again. As the nurse told me it's like some sort of magic show -all done in the dark with cameras and video screens and presto out it comes. Sorry if it's TMI.

So it's done and I'm on the mend. Although it is incredible how everything is connected to your midsection. Something as simple as sleeping is even affected -I can't get used to sleeping on my back!

Did some work today but it's so deceptive-I feel almost normal, except for minor itching and pain (I weaned myself off oxycontin pretty quickly) but I'm so exhausted after just spending a couple hours on emails and budgets. It's tough to slow down after going at top speed for the last couple of years.

Yeah I know -I should milk it as long as I can! Skim milk, that is...


Simon said...

Glad to hear all went well.
What happened to the "rabbit"? Did you get to see it? Could you keep it if you wanted to?

Cid said...

So glad you are out the other side. Take it easy, enjoy this glorious weather and milk away!

BusyMamma said...

Karen- so happy to hear you're doing well.
and YES milk this down time for as long as possible- and make I. do as much as the work around the house as possible!!!

Nancy said...

So glad to hear you're okay. Take it easy. Abdominal surgery leaves you thinking you're more capable than you should be.

Adrienne said...

glad it went well here's wishing you a speedy recovery and easy adjustments

louann said...

Great to hear that your surgery went well! Eat lots of pineapple, they say it hastens the healing of wounds. Get well soon!!


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