Thursday, November 05, 2015

A most important lesson

As a kid my parents ( well let's give credit where it's due-my mother) made sure we were all exposed to as many different lessons as possible. And at the time it seemed excessive, a bit over the top having pretty much every minute of the day programmed after school ( and given that we got around via public transit, quite amazing that we got everything in without the benefit of another car.  )What appeared forever elusive was playtime, which as kids felt just plain wrong.

Now that my mom is a grandmother, her tune has changed a bit.  I feel like I don't push my kids enough for extracurricular, enhanced programs especially as they get older and it counts more. She reflects that none of us ended up being concert pianists, pro figure skater, ballerina ...but I feel she short changes herself.  I look back and realize how fortunate we were to be exposed to so much at a young age, to grow up (semi) cultured as adults.

The bigger lesson I learned was that it is good to learn new things and try, even if you think there's no  way to succeed. At least you try and you will often surprise yourself at what you are capable of. That is the best lesson of my childhood, courtesy of my parents and most directly-my mother.

Thanks. Mom!!


Simon said...

Our kids are pretty busy but we don't push them: it's all stuff they've chosen to do. Still, sometimes we have to say no as we're aware that they need downtime and playtime too. Our eldest is in three stage productions at the moment and it's a bit of a headache. Next year I've told her she can only do one (I wouldn't mind but a lot of the rehearsals clash so she misses out on one of the other).

Karen MEG said...

Hi Simon-I noticed your kids are very busy but so obvious it's their choice! The biggest challenge is when nothing seems to interest or inspire them ...G tried out for pre-comp dance this year and got in but the schedule intimidated her -she sort of regrets it now, but there's always next year, that's the good thing!


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