Monday, November 02, 2015

Easy Bake

Growing up in suburban Toronto in the 70's, with a mother who worked shifts as a nurse and a father with a Madmen type of work environment, one couldn't blame me for being a little confused with stereotypes and what I could aspire to be.  During the rare moments of play at friends' homes I was often exposed to the neatest toys that I could wish for, but rarely expect to own.  Case in point -the fabulous Easybake oven.  How amazing was it that a) I was actually baking a cake ( a rarity in our schedule packed Chinese household) and b) done with only the heat of a lightbulb.  The product was barely edible, but why did that matter?  Wish as I might I never ended up having one.

So now you know-I'm not much of a baker, and only a Betty Crocker one at that.  Imagine how my heart raced a few years ago when my daughter was offered a modern day Easy bake oven! a slimmer, purpler version. Despite our initial excitement, after all was said and done, the cake was still barely edible.  Which inspired the G to embrace cake making on her own, reviewing Youtube videos, understanding what fondant is the detriment of my waistline.

But no matter. The girl's gotta bake and is lovin' using more than the lightbulb these days.

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J at said...

I never had an easy bake either, but my friend Aimee did. We used to make birthday cakes for our dogs in them. Canned dogfood in the little pan, bake, eat. Our dogs loved that crap. :-)


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