Monday, November 16, 2015

Eat, sleep, fly, repeat

Or more like eat, try to sleep, fly , repeat.  At least it's local this week although do two short haul return flights equal one long haul? Not quite, certainly not if you look at the travel points you get for the troubles.

I honestly can't complain,  but work travel is not as exotic as it's all cracked up to be most times.  You are in a hotel, then hotel meeting rooms, you're "on" the whole time as the job is to network, build relationships -which for me isn't exactly second nature.  After all I'm one of those extroverted introverts-to do the small talk networking thing takes a lot of prep and and angst ... A little liquid courage doesn't hurt but it isn't as readily available in the day.


So they just changed my gate.

With the short haul there isn't quite enough time to squeeze a movie in.  Maybe a couple of episodes of a sitcom I've never heard of.

We'll catch you later for more inspiration you'll need to wait...

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