Tuesday, November 03, 2015

I can't feel my face ...

The Weeknd is playing a hometown concert tonight in downtown Toronto. I'm pretty proud of him-not that he needs me to feel proud, but I reflect on how massive his success is and how he grew up in my hometown,  in Scarborough.  And now he's in the superstar stratosphere. Just 25 years old, half my age. Sheer talent.

My 15 year old (yup, internets, he is 15 now, six feet one and inching higher) is at the concert tonight. His first concert -what a good one to start with.  I think it's kind of cool that he's witnessing an example of hard work and ambition at a young age.  He won't appreciate it I know, but as he navigates high school and has fleeting thoughts of the future ( when I remind him) don't think that I won't let him know what I know of where the Weeknd came from.  Did that make sense? Just so the boy knows that the sky is the limit.

Where is this rambling post going? Not much further. Other than the fact that I wouldn't have minded going to the concert myself.  And that my first concert was to see Styx. Yeah, remember when I said that the Weeknd is half my age? There it is.

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Chasing Joy said...

It's great that your son's first concert is to see someone that you not only approve of but that you can refer to in a positive way going forward.


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