Tuesday, November 10, 2015

To keurig, nespresso or not to ...

I love my coffee. But I am torn.

I know we don't have the best coffee in Canada-although I love my Tim hortons and will splurge for the occasional Starbucks cafe misto ( don't expect to read ANY commentary about those damn cups for the holidays, thank you very much) nowadays we've moved to a very personalized approach. 

Now -Lo and behold we can have a single cup of coffee, with whatever strength , with whatever flavor.

Most of my friends now have one of these machines at home.

But something about it ( well namely that none of the packets are recyclable) pains me to think that we would dump each pod after each coffee served.  I'm not ├╝ber green by any means but I'm so used to recycling as much of anything as possible. I think I heard that the inventor of those pods, if he had known what was possible now waste-wise...regrets the invention for that reason alone.

Right now the non-recycling piece is a non-starter. But if they ever develop a more Eco- friendly product-I'm all in.

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J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Before my husband gave up coffee, he used a single cup French Press. Doesn't have all of the fancy flavors of a Keurig, but doesn't contribute to landfill either. Perhaps a good option for you?


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