Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Fragments: Don't you just love it edition...

Friday Fragments?

Don't you just love it when...

- your daughter's best friend comes over for a playdate and somehow runs his face into the peeling trunk of your possibly diseased tree?

- your son grabs a door frame at school, splits his nail and thumb open (according to his telephone call and the explanation by his teacher), calls you 3 hours after it happens ... you call the doctor to make an appointment in case the boy develops gangrene, you bring the boy home, he passes out (in sleep); you wake him up and get to the doctor's office where he peels his bandage open and ... NOTHING? The doctor even takes out his ear-checker thing -a-ma-bob to magnify it and cannot find the wound. Guess the principal did a good job cleaning and sealing it. Nevertheless, the boy wants out of school for the rest of the year because he can no longer write. How convenient.

- you realize that you're behind on your kid's annual checkups so the boy has his since we're at the office... and it sinks in that your girlie will need a needle at hers. Oh fun.

- your daughter has a hissy fit at her best friend's house because he got TWO caterpillars and a cocoon while she only got one caterpillar and chrysalis. She doesn't understand that it's nicer that only one will die on our watch. Welcome to Catty II, to replace Catty I.

- you print out 200 photos from Costco because you save 5 cents each and it only covers six months worth of our happy, happy 2008; and then you realize that you don't have the photo albums to put them in... you do research to make a photobook for your husband's colleague as she's moving to Europe and you realize ... DAMN! You could be making photobooks with full commentary instead of kicking it old, old, old school.

- you need a new bathing suit and prepare to go bathing suit shopping ...and your son tells you that you should probably get back to the gym before, because apparently that's the natural order. Ouch, how'd I get such a smartie? So we're going to McDonald's for lunch instead.

- your head wants to go back to the gym, but your heart isn't into it, probably because it doesn't want to work.

- your husband is in Copenhagan for the week, his Blackberry and computer are not functioning, so even if he did have Skype it wouldn't have worked...and he only manages to call a couple of times the first of which we miss because I am screaming at the kids to quit fooling around and get into bed. But the first words he says when he connects are "I love you and miss you". Smart man.

Cannot wait for tomorrow at 5 PM.

Happy weekend, friends!


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Mrs. 4444 when you get a chance.


MrsSki said...

That was so sweet of your husband to send you that little message when the computer finally allowed him.

What is the way you can do photo books without having to do it the old, old, old, way?! I'm so curious!

Thumb nail injuries are the worse! I totally cringed when I read that fragment!

Eve said...

Oh my goodness... schools seem to be sending kids home with unconfirmed injuries left and right these days! How does that happen? When I was in school, you had to practically be dying to get them to call your parents! ;)

Mrs4444 said...

Busy, busy, busy, huh? Hope Hubby has enough sense not to run off golfing or something when he gets home! :)

Thanks for playing FF this week :) Have a great weekend reunion!!

Tara R. said...

The bathing suit... harsh! Reason one I don't take the more honest of my two kids clothes shopping with me.

Ed said...

You took the gym comment very well. I may have had to kick the kid out of the car.....and gone to McDonald's by myself.

April said...

I'll add one: don't you just love it now that McDonald's has added "healthy" options to make you feel yet another pang of guilt while you order the Bic Mac with fries?

louann said...

Oh yes, don't we just love those?

I really don't like bringing the kids for their shots. Lots of drama involved.

Angeline Schnare said...

Stopping by from SITS. Read your post about the frozen sandwiches and I knew you were from Canada. Who knows you might even be living in Markham!
My daughter smashed her toenail with the door this past week. It's documented in my blog.
Cool posting!

Anonymous said...

Those were some good fragments! Gotta love the drama of kids. I love comparing it to real life and wondering what life would be like if my biggest issue was that someone had two catties! Lol!

MARY G said...

Friday Fragments - what a great idea. Only my ideas are fractured most every day of the week.
I am passing on an award over at my blog and I have given you one.

Unknown said...

Your man sounds very smart :)
I love how kids word things!

Anonymous said...

This entry made me glad I chopped down my diseased tree last year, that I don't need to make copies of anything, that I have a bathing suit that fits & that I don't have children or a husband! Thank you.
ps just blog hopping & found you.

KatBouska said...

Your son doesn't want to don't want to work sound like two peas from the same pod. Or maybe just related. ;)

J said...

Why does the caterpillar have to die? Can't you release the butterfly?

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