Friday, October 19, 2007

A good day to visit the Art Gallery

Well, the weather is bleh today. It would have been a perfect day to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario. Except that it is closed for renovation.

As was ours over the summer. We used to tape all the kids' art onto the cabinets we had along the kitchen wall. It was a great place to put all the projects as they came home. We didn't like the starkness of the very plain, white cabinetry, so the flashes of colour that we posted added some life to the room. But also some clutter.

In our new kitchen, there is really only one part of the island that little G uses to tape up her artwork. L hasn't brought any major masterpieces home as yet, but I am impressed with his drawing that accompanies his little news items in his homework booklets.

I don't yet know where to display these more recent creations, but I can at least post them here for now. And also to help distract Her Bad Mother from the miseries of morning sickness; after all, kids' art must certainly be good for the nauseous soul.
"Mommy's Cake" by little G. No, her mommy isn't the best baker.

"Three-eyed Goose Flies South to Vegas" by little G.

"Dad's My Hero" by L-ster.

"My Buddy's at Wonderland" by L-ster.


Josie said...

Oh, those are wonderful. I love children's art.

Picasso said it took him a lifetime to learn to paint like a child :-)

Kellan said...

Those are really wonderful and beautiful. I think they need framed and put on the walls of their room. I'm glad I stopped by to see this beautiful art and to read your nice post. See ya.

Karen MEG said...

Thanks Josie, and thanks for stopping by. I have a couple of boxes overflowing with mini-Picassos. I can't bring myself to toss anything!
Kellan, that is a great idea to frame them for their rooms! Thanks for the tip my friend!

Shawna said...

How precious! I wish my parents would have saved all of the "masterpieces" I created as a child.

BTW, I tagged you for 8 Random Things!

Karen MEG said...

Hey Shawna - the wonder of digital pix now is that at least the images can be saved.
Don't have your URL to check the meme. Maybe you can e:mail me?

Her Bad Mother said...

'Three-Eyed Goose Flies South to Vegas" is destined for galleries, for sure. I'd get the AGO on the phone if I were you.

motherbumper said...

Oh yes, I can see why you won. "Three-eyed Goose Flies South to Vegas" is a masterpiece and very inspirational.


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