Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fragments - Post of the week

...because this is the only post I've been able to eke out.

Mommy's Idea

Check out my girlfriend's place for Friday Fragging( Mrs. 4444)


For those of you who are curious, this is the song that I got my last blog title from:

Pretty cool video, eh? Jacob Hoggard, was my fave to win Canadian Idol Season 2 - he came in third, but I'd say he did okay. I don't even remember who won that year.


We've spent the whole week sniffling, recovering from a cold that we suspect was passed to us by a 3 year old cute-as-pie passenger on my trip to Montreal last weekend. My niece, who hasn't yet learned to cover her mouth when she sneezes. No matter, it was a great weekend of family. And I love weddings. More on that in a less fragmented post.


Have I mentioned that I joined a book club? I may have, but I don't remember. I'm really feeling the mid-40s milestone - hitting me especially since when I took a closer look at my hair the other day I noticed that I had all sorts of white underneath. That's the pain of black hair - the grays and white are just so difficult to hide. Well, except from the person who's in major denial and probably needs a vision test that will likely end up resulting in * gulp* bifocals.

Back to the book club. I just finished reading "The Book of Negroes" - I believe it's called "Someone Knows My Name" outside of Canada. It wasn't chosen for my next club, but since I've joined, my passion for reading has been ignited and I'd been looking at this for a while. (a side note: the author, Lawrence Hill, comes from fairly famous Canadian heritage, and is the brother of Dan "Sometimes When We Touch" Hill. Just thought I'd mention it as I have a thing for trivial information.)

When I was a child, I used to read under the bedcovers until late in the night. Hiding.

Now I'll stay up well past midnight, and then sneak into the bathroom to catch a few minutes here and there.

Still hiding. Some things never change.

But it was well worth it. What an epic read. Loved it.

Next, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".


Nothing majorly up for the weekend, and that suits me just fine.

Wishing you a great one.


Cid said...

Don't even think of picking up the Larsson books unless you have a lot more time than a few minutes in the bathroom and you have left your family well supplied with food, they are like crack. I loved "Book of Negros" too, you should also read his earlier one "Any Know Blood" which is about the Underground Railroad and the blacks who ended up in south western Ontario. Have a great weekend.

LceeL said...

There's a fellow on NPR (National Public Radio) here in the States named Kurt Andersen and he has a show called "Studio 360" which I have listened to for the last few years. He has a book out called, "Heyday" and it is big, boisterous and eminently readable. I am in the midst of it now - along with everything else I am into at the moment. ADD is fun.

won said...

My son is similar to you. If I give him a book I can pretty much guarantee I won't see for him two days. But I'm not complaining ;)

Huckdoll said...

Recently, I reignited my love affair with reading. Last night I just finished a good one called, 'The Flying Troutmans' by Miriam Toews. Canadian author, winner of a couple awards and pretty darn good. I haven't read The Book of Negros or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yet but I must.

Have an awesome weekend, Karen!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

I knew it was Hedley...I simply love them and agree, who knows who won the year he was on but I sure do remember him. We have seen them live (opened for Bon Jovi) and they are fabulous.

I totally hide in the bathroom to read too. I am on a reading role - 5-6 books every three weeks from the library. I will read anything and honestly the best books I have found lately are in the Young Adult Fiction section - time travel and magic. The adult romances are all the same - I am over them!

Anonymous said...

I love to read, but I've been apprehensive about joining a book club because I don't like being told what to read. Reminds of me school. :)

Jen said...

good song. ;)

I want to buy a book light I can attach to my book so I can read late at night in bed, lol!

Tooje said...

Will there be a day or age when my children will begin sleeping in? I ask this because I'd love to reignite my passion for reading as well, but I will only stay up late to read if I know I can sleep in at least until 7 or 8 on weekends. Right now I feed one at 5 and then the 2 year old wants to wake up as soon as she's done eating and goes back to sleep. He's awful lately. Tell me there's a light at the end of this tunnel. I need a light.

From Tracie said...

I am such a reader and often stay up way too late finishing a book. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has been on my list to read for a long time.

How have I not heard about The Book of Negroes? I followed your link and started to just read about the historical books and I am totally hooked. I've got to find a copy of this to read.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs4444 said...

I haven't read a book in a long, long time. You make it sound appealing. It'll be tough to fit it in...

Yeah, there's nothing like bifocals to make you feel ancient. Good luck!

Thank you! Other than Homecoming tomorrow night, my weekend is wide open. I really, really need it!

Thanks for linking up :)

Anonymous said...

I have to hide to get things read around here, even in the bathroom I get hunted down. Ah yes the joys of mommy-hood! (On very special occasions my husband will give me a break and I read in a bubble bath, that's my favorite!)

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

I loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and look forward to the movie. Curious to see what you think! It is "different".

Enjoy the club! And, have a great weekend, too.

StarTraci said...

We've been sharing a stomach bug in my household. I hope you are all well soon.

I saw the movie of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and loved it so I just bought the book. Now to find time to read it...


Unknown Mami said...

I love reading and I just don't do enough of it lately.

I have dark hair and more and more gray keeps showing up and it doesn't look like highlights.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I've always thought it would be fun to join a book club! Let us know how it goes...

Stopping by from Java's Follow Friday to say hello and be your newest follower!

J at said...

One benefit to having an older child, is that I no longer have to hide to read. I can read right out in the open. :) I just finished "My Hollywood", which you might like, it's a bit similar to "The Help", which I read because of your review. :)

Now I'm starting "Her Fearful Symmetry" by Audrey Niffenegger, who wrote "The Time Traveler's Wife".

I liked the "Girl" books, but the first one and third one were really difficult for me to get into. Once I finally did, I enjoyed them. I doubt I would read them again, though.


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