Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fit -ish

I've come to the realization that those last 5 pounds will likely just remain.

Gone are the days when I could work out like crazy in advance of a work trip ( which would involve eating, coffee breaks that include more eating and  drinking and more drinking).   And not just back to what I used to be able to do.  Yes I travel with no exercise, then come back and work out like crazy and get back to where I was before, weight wise. Having a gallbladder issue (or lack of one) helped keep the more fatty foods at bay.

But no matter, that pattern doesn't serve me well nowadays. Turning 50, wonky knees and all -those pounds do not melt away any longer.

Nevertheless, I persevere with my workout obsessions. The sweat, the exhilaration through the thumping music...weight loss or not, it's worth it.  How much more on trend can I be #ufcwannabe #hollyholm.

1 comment:

J at said...

You're adorable, and heck, if it's only 5 lbs, that's nothing to worry about. You work out hard, and it shows. :)


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