Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Year in the Life of ...

So I stumbled on a wonderful idea by way of the brilliant Scary Mommy (who is not so scary in real life, in fact, she's a sweetheart)!

As we wind down the decade, why don't we look back at 2009, from my blog-eyed view? To say 2009 was a most eventful one, with the highest of highs, and the low, lowest of the lows would be a massive understatement. These aren't necessarily my best posts ever, but they do sum up the year for me.

Here we go:

January: Possibly the worst month of my life. Oh I know, a bit dramatic, but this was the month that I sprained my knee and had to do the helpless "damsel in distress thing" with ski patrol; suffered my second gall bladder attack (on purpose, because it was cheesecake and I deserved it because it had been such a shitty start to the year)...and lost my beloved Dad.

But at least I was able to pay tribute to him publicly without losing it: A Tribute to the most wonderful man.

February: Still in grief mode. But this is one of my favourite posts ever. It's why I'm here: Lucky.

March: I hit my 500th post this month. So I did the whole Q & A thing, which ate up several posts. I also participated in the ultimate blog party. "Everything you ever wanted to know about me" is another title for March 2009. However, I'll have to link to this post, because there are some awfully precious moments in life, and I'm so mature that way: AKA the converter.

April: My boy turned 9. And this post was my favourite of the month, because it just warms a mother's heart: Brothers and Sisters

May: Wow, this was the month of my bitch-rant! And I did get a whole lotta sympathy: Gimme Sympathy.

June: I came out to some Real Life friends about this ole' blog here...and also the answer to my May problems was starting to come to light. Coming out and the world not imploding; and the most important job.

July: Two syllables, one word. BlogHer. (Two days in the life, a few bottles at a time...) And here's further evidence:
(That's me with Courtney, Mrs. 4444 and Melissa)

I miss my party girls.

August: Thank goodness for my pal Mrs. 4444 and her Friday Fragments. The summer of my big life decisions was summed up on several Fridays. My anniversary was in there too, But here are my scattered thoughts which accurately describe my August, as I grappled with the whole SAHM versus Career Woman life shift - a pictorial as to why I suck as a crafty SAHM -see Barbie Exhibit A.

September: The leap back into the work force. Ready or not.

October: It was my birthday month. And I don't mind linking to pictures of me when I was much cuter: Birf-day girl.

November: I don't blog about the Man much, but sometimes I just have to. Especially my superior wife moments: We interrupt this blog post...

December: Well, after a rough year, I need a new one. This is a tired post, but the kids bring out the spirit of the holidays just when you need it. Elyse Mommy Da


Wishing you all a fantastic, happy and healthy 2010!!!


Traci said...

I am so sorry that 2009 started out so rough for you. I hope that 2010 is filled with joy and humor and many blessings. I shall be following!

Happy New Year.

rachel - a southern fairytale said...

Love Love.

I did this last year and was trying to get it together enough to do it this year, too.
I love going through the last year of writing!

HUGS to you and here's to 2010 being a more awesome year! xoxoxo

melissa said...

i might have to do this kind of post tomorrow.
i miss you!!!
i have that picture on my fridge!
happy, healthy, fabulous new year!!

Scary Mommy said...

I loved, loved, loved meeting you at Blogher!

Hoping 2010 is filled with all happy things for you. You deserve it! :)

Kori said...

The new year might be better (hope hope) or it might be worse (gawd no) but at least it will be DIFFERENT, right? Sending you happy, peaceful new year thoughts.

Tara R. said...

What a year! I hope 2010 brings you and yours such wonderful things.

Karin said...

Excellent post! What a roller coaster of a year you had. I may need to squirrel this away and do something similar next December!

I hope you have a fantastic 2010!

Tooj said...

This is a neat link to your favorite/best post of each month. And to relive it with you is nice. :)

Where was I?

I hate getting interrupted during commenting "time". I had to yell at OJ to stop hitting TO with the Wii remote....sheesh.

Happy 2010, lady. Make it good!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

petite gourmand said...

hope this year is a better one for you..
happy 2010!

Jocelyn said...

This was super fun; I'm so lame about steady blog reading that I appreciated this chance to go back and read a few I'd missed (and be suprised by how many I'd read!). The "Lucky" post is awesome, indeed.

Here's to an easier 2010, honey.

Momisodes said...

2009 was quite an emotional rollercoaster. I definitely remember many of these posts and memories from last year.

Hoping 2010 brings you and your family much happiness, health and prosperity!

Laski said...

I missed so many great posts! The one about your dad was one of my favorites. A tearjerker, but a favorite.

I can't believe how long I've known some of my blogging friends--it is going on three years for many. Wow. Longer than some marriages.

Here is to a much-improved 2010!

Anonymous said...

well, if you're disabled u have it pretty tough in the dating game

imbeingheldhostage said...

What a great idea to do a year in review like this. I am so sorry it started out so badly for you-- for the loss of your Dad.
I am glad that you were able to have so much fun at Blogher-- I was so jealous!

Wishing you a terrific 2010!!

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